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Celestis: I really enjoyed the idea threads explored in our first class. However, I didn't understand why, in Lessig's understanding of cyberspace, the four forces of architecture, norms, law, and markets tighten with more networks...what are the networks? and why/how do they tighten around us?
Umbriel: I really enjoyed our discussion, particularly the focus on building out the case. From looking at Wikipedia as a starting point to reading the actual case to determine what specific ordinances shuffling sam was accused of violating. With regard to the loitering ordinance., however, the police did allege that they had some evidence (Sam arguing with them outside the cafe). Although I think the court, through prior precedent, correctly acknowledged that arguing with an officer about his potentially false arrest is warranted behavior and doesn't evidence disorderly conduct. I'd like to explore that argument more in class. I do however want to voice an administrative concern. Although I understand participation is an important dynamic of the classroom (and a jury) and many students do want to and will participate, having the fellow's visibly write down whether a student spoke in class can be stress inducing. For students that are more introverted who engage in conversations when they feel compelled, this additional feature (which I've come to find is a new feature of the class) can cause undue stress.
Arcturus: I really enjoyed the framing presented in the first class. I'm wondering what form the 1,500 paper will take so we can be looking out for topics that interest us.
Umbriel: I'm interested in learning more about form of the paper and the exam. For the paper specifically, are we only using the material that we cover in class and can it be on any topic?
Luyten 726-8A: I would echo the commenters who asked about the exam. I was under the impression that there would only be a paper, so I am definitely curious what the exam will be about.
Earth: In addition to info about the exam and paper, I would like to hear more about what the reading assignments will consist of throughout the semester. I enjoyed the first class and would like to remain in this course, but I'm having a tough time determining if doing so is wise from a time management standpoint. If reading assignments will be relatively light the way they've been for our first two classes, I think I can stay enrolled.
Iapetus: are our comments in thread used as part of our participation grade? Or is it just our in-class participation?
Hosnian Prime: I would echo others who have asked for more information about the paper, exam, reading assignments, and participation grade. It is a bit challenging to decide on staying in the class without more information. Otherwise, I enjoyed the discussion that we had the first day.
Ahch-To: I enjoyed the first class, but feel a bit stressed also about the style in which class participation is monitored. It feels a bit unnecessary, but, at the very least, I feel that there should be multiple ways of having participation monitored, including through discussion boards. The lack of structure in the syllabus, while refreshing in the sense that the class feels more open, experimental, and naturally evolving, is also quite stressful as a student with a lot of responsibilities this semester attempting to balance his academics by planning them out well in advance.
Triton: I, too, would like to hear more about the exam and paper
Sirius B: I like that Professor Nesson asks us to question fundamental elements of the criminal process, and that we take time to discuss them in class. It helps me develop an abstract understanding of the law, rather than rote memorization.
Hoags Object: I'm not clear on how the threads contribute to participation. It seems like if the threads are really helpful for conversation, then we shouldn't be punished for adding our thoughts here as opposed to in the classroom - especially since it is in many ways a more egalitarian space. That being said, I know they're supposed to be anonymous. I would also echo other people's worry about seeing people put a mark next to our names when we speak. It makes it hard to listen when you're stressed about thinking about what you're going to contribute. I'd honestly just rather cold-calling -- I find it less stressful, because there's more pressure to say something well-thought-out when you're volunteering it, but you also know that if you don't volunteer something you'll miss out on the crucial check-mark beside your name.
Sunflower: I've been in other classes where class participation was monitored in a similar manner as it was done in our first class. I did not enjoy the experience and believe it induced unnecessary stress. Furthermore, it encouraged students to speak before thinking as the impression that was given was that the number of contributions was valued over their quality which led to an overall deterioration of the in-class learning experience. Otherwise, I enjoyed our first class.
Callisto: Unsolicited feedback on our second class: Sweet Pea engendered a level of joy in my soul that I did not think possible for a Monday at 8:30am. I hope to see as much of her as possible this semester !!