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Venus: To be determined/Undecided
Bespin: advocating for kids/teenagers - juvenile criminal defense
Betelgeuse: My passions include indigent defense, trial work, and helping marginalized communities realize their full potential.
Claremont: Saving humankind from impending climate catastrophe!
Montsalvat: My passion is helping others and being a force for positive change. I haven't decided in what avenue I want to pursue that yet though.
Sullust: Not quite sure what my passion is - something involving helping others
Vole: Not really sure I have one, but probably something along the lines of consumer protection: helping people (especially children and the elderly) live dignified lives. Law school is supposed to give me a toolbox to do so
Hoth: Public service
Mercury: have the power to check power.
Tethys: advocating for women's rights, specifically including equal access to STEM opportunities
Starkiller Base: Politics and productive/dignified disagreement
Earth: My passions are helping the world, finding absurdity, pursuing curiosity, going on adventures.
Hochebuz: To use my skills to have an impact on the world - exact skills/impact TBD
Centaurus A: I want to make sure the government/society works for the people and not against them -- civil rights, rule of law, government structure.
Moon: doing my job well
Altair: I have yet to discover what my legal passion is. I came here to be an advocate for people, but the way in which I will be an advocate is still to be determined.
Procyon A: to perform a meaningful role in the administration of justice
Ban Ard: I'm here to figure out how to best use my talents and abilities to help other people.
Phobos: Connecting with people and learning
Europa: to represent the voices of the many people who look like me but can't be in this room (or in the many other rooms we have access to as HLS grads)
Orilla: I am passionate about justice and contributing to the end of mass incarceration.
Mygeeto: Advocating the redesign of institutional systems to promote greater equality of all people.
Crait: My people. My culture . Finding as many languages as possible to interact with others and be free
Tatooine: Solving complex problems in pursuit of justice and positive change particularly in terms of environmental conservation/climate change
Eysenlaan: My passion is aiding incarcerated individuals.
Milky Way: To help people
Sateda: I'm not sure what my passions are exactly. But I came to law school because I knew that it would give me financial stability and also the tools to help other people in some way.
Messier 83: Dismantle the law, free my people, Black liberation.
Andromeda: I am still looking for a passion but want to make a positive impact on the world.
Anchor: I want my work to have transcendental value. I think government/politics is the best way to lead a satiisfying life. Getting into the fight, changing and reinventing, that's what excites me.
Ross 154: to represent individuals from marginalized backgrounds, particularly young people, who have suffered violations of their civil rights. also a strong interest in educational equity and finding ways to achieve that justice through law.
Proteus: helping people fight discrimination
Druigh: Understanding, fully realizing, and creating justice. Ensuring that individuals whose voices and stories aren’t heard are shared in these classrooms and society generally. Working toward freedom.
Jupiter: Performance — through the legal/political stage, I hope to reach the broadest audience in the most impactful way
Hochebuz: Use my unique skill set to have an impact on the world; exact skills and impact tbd
Sirius A: To dismantle systems of oppression and inequity. To unflinchingly question the status quo.
Procyon B: Finding value in those marginalized and forgotten by a society more and more concerned with artificial constructs of success and achievement.
Takodana: Taking big ideas, breaking them down, and presenting them in a way that persuades others to do what I think should be done about them.
Zurbarran: can't say I have a passion but would to make some impact on criminal justice reform