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Mercury: "Err" implies that there is a "correct" choice here, and other, erroneous choices.
Mercury: what if there's just different choices, and none are monolithically clear?
Lantea: "I see lots of people dunking on @cloudflare today without addressing the actual argument they make for keeping 8chan—that law enforcement asks them to keep such sites, because this gives them more visibility into them. Whatever you think of the argument, ignoring it is dishonest."
OP: Sure, it strikes me as much as a process/consistency error than anything else
OP: Cloudflare's takedown strategy seems to be largely PR-driven
Mercury: I think that argument is real, at least there is some practical reality there. Penguin.
Mercury: but I like the comment further down thread, about "Cloudflare as utility"
OP: see malware sites, ISIS, Daily Stormer, etc
OP: And then there's this, too
Mercury: if a crime has been committed, then OK, but as long as it is legal behavior, I'm not sure about "disconnecting" utilties
OP: "Someone on our team asked after I announced we were going to terminate the Daily Stormer: "Is this the day the Internet dies?" He was half joking, but only half. He's no fan of the Daily Stormer or sites like it. But he does realize the risks of a company like Cloudflare getting into content policing. There's a saying in legal circles that hard cases make bad law. We need to be careful of that here. What I do hope is it will allow us all to discuss what the framework for all of the organizations listed above should be when it comes to content restrictions. I don't know the right answer, but I do know that as we work it out it's critical we be clear, transparent, consistent and respectful of Due Process."
Mercury: so seems like we should be looking at a) is Cloudflare a utility (with all that implies)? b) what sorts of content should be illegal?
Mercury: I suspect the set of people who are supportive of terminating 8 chan woul dbe smaller than those who'd cut off phone service