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Jakku: hello berkthreaders!
Sateda: woah my name is pretty intense
Lothal: hello folks!
Vega: Tempted to, um, refine the dictionary that's the source of pseudonyms
Felucia: that predator claw movie was sick!
Jupiter: Damn it, I want to be 'Predator Claw"!!
Sateda: there can only be one
Felucia: i don't know supah fixer spirit is pretty awesome
Jakku: at least my name is local
Jupiter: S are we related?
Jupiter: maybe "Supah" is the family name
Vega: Could see prompting the admin setting up a space to choose from among several buckets of name sources - goofy, serious, etc.
Vorash: Morph/The Morph feels like a collision
Utapau: Let's get some more gender-neutral names, too
Lothal: identity crisis commences
Jupiter: Batman shoots Darkseid in the final issue
Felucia: i had thought they used to be more gender-neutrual/gender agnostic
Jakku: in the previous version I think the names were derived from localties...
Jupiter: This one is fine with neutral surreal nouns
Vega: One previous version - maybe it was the Q tool? - had colors and nouns.
Utapau: What's pseudonymity if you can hear me typing, and entering, and stopping typing?
Jupiter: Also, in line with what Charlie is saying, might be good to have some kind of delay (?) so that the connection between someone's typing and text appearing in the window is more tenuous.
Jupiter: exactly, Cy-Gor
Utapau: I think this ^^ had a chilling effect
Felucia: i wonder, when this is used in other contexts, have the conversations flowed more freely?
Utapau: Probably... more people
Felucia: i hear a lot of typing but am not seeing text, are people in other threads?
Hoth: Also, please let us know if there are any issues with entering in your thoughts and sending them to the active thread. There is a current bug that may prevent the interface from registering your input.
Jupiter: more threads, too
Jupiter: so it is not clear which you may be part of at a moment in time
Felucia: yes, trump will win