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OP: Support a legal framework that incorporates a full review of indigenous cannabis rights, that can serve as a resource to nations by offering key information and education on cannabis.
OP: Support in the development of a global indigenous platform to establish a wider dialogue around issues of shared concern and connects expertise on indigenous rights to economic, social and cultural preservation.
OP: Support in expressing concern that discriminatory historic injustices at federal and international levels have prevented indigenous peoples from their right to develop in accordance with their own needs and interests, and support in developing a plan to reconcile these injustices.
OP: Comments Welcome :)
Ross 154: helloeach be brave. type in
Ross 154: hello! see that the program gives us each a pseudo nym. the idea is to leave our real nyms behind, for purposes of discussion. it's what we say that matters.
Ross 154: how i got to be Atom the Hunter i&i have no idea. but it's just for this thread. each new thread re-nyms. OP is original poster.