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Umbriel: I think Gibson attorneys could probably sufficiently hook the entire firm. RICO enterprises are defined very broadly, so any affiliation would probably at least create the opportunity for an argument.
Umbriel: Is anyone a little uncomfortable with this project overall? Whichever one you are assigned? Even if you generally love learning from Professor Nesson? Would anyone like some more clarity on how it fits into the course requirements since it wasn't in the course description and how this material will be used long-term? I have heard some people saying they're not sure they want to do all of this for someone with so many resources and so much attention when plenty of people never get this kind of support. Raising this as a pulse check.
Cloud City: Did donziger not turn over hs electronics because it might harm his clients, or because he didnt want his financial records checked (so Chevron couldn't impose judgment)? It seems to me that Donziger was self-interestedly trying to protect his assets, not really protect his clients, by refusing to hand over his cell phone and computer in response to a request to do so when that response was about findning financial documents
Ganymede: not convinced of the "chevron harassing clients" argument. Similar discoveries are ordered (and complied with) all the time. Judge could have done an in camera review.