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Test Thread 03.02.22

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Feedback #24 - final

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Feedback #23 - Confrontation

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Feedback #22 - Judge Young

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Feedback #21 - three hats

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Rittenhouse - What is your verdict?

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hi :3

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Feedback #20 Batson

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Feedback #19 - Batson

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Feedback #18 - bordenkircher and cook v. Tate

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Feedback #17 - Bordenkircher

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Feedback #real 16- Breonna - Nov 2

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Feedback #16

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Feedback #15

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Feedback #14

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Polizzi Group Discussion

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Feedback #13 Polizzi

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Feedback #12- Kleinman

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Chappelle - Yale Trap House: Felucia: I was also intrigued by Nesson's mentioning of the Chappelle special and the Yale trap house incident; maybe we could have a Threads to talk about it. @Felucia: YES!

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Feedback #11 - Luisi

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"Carceral Wisdom"

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effective juror education?

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Tsarnaev Oral Argument Comment

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thomas talk

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Feedback #9

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Dougherty Discussion

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Feedback #8

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FEEDBACK NUMBER SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Feedback #4

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Feedback #6 - group cases and donziger

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Feedback #5

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Chief Justice Vaughan, Kafka, and Restorative Justice

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Hebert, guilty or not guilty, and why?

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feedback #3

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Art pieces?

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prof nesson what are your favorite courtroom dramas

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say hello

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feedback class#1

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My Cousin Vinny - Arraignment Hearing Question

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Sullust: I would die for you Prof. Nesson
Luyten 726-8B: great! very engaging, excited for semester!
Rinde: Thanks for a great class, Professor!
Craag An: Enjoyed the framing! Can you clarify the syllabus/reading for next week?
Saturn: I want what's in your coffee
Neptune: first ever law school class!!!
Celestis: Great class but maybe have a faster pace
Luna: Great intro to the semester!
Deimos: Great! Really enjoyed your teaching style!
Sullust: Thank you for a wonderful first class, I can’t wait to see where the rest of the semester takes us
Saturn: Can you speak a little louder plz?
Ariel: nice intro. can we get more clarity on what is supposed to be read before each class
Venus: the ice breaker exercise felt like it was the first time you ever did it,,,is that true
Pinwheel: I loved this class! I think the opening was great. I also liked the group time and engagement.
P3X-888: Loved the variety of lecture, talking with classmates, and the discussion at the end :) kept things interesting
Venus: but absolutely love the vibes
Bespin: Interesting introduction! Maybe speak slightly louder
Carcano: Really enjoyed! I will say I was sometimes confused about if you were pausing for effect or waiting for someone to volunteer an answer
Neptune: loved talking with classmates!
Uranus: Really great! Maybe outline topics at the beginning of class
Carcano: but v good vibes
Yavin 4: sometimes a little difficult to hear you in the back row with the construction noise. but looking forward to the class!
Procyon B: Really interesting! I would also second getting more information on which readings will be due when
Razwan: I liked this, even though it wasn't quite what I expected
Venus: threads slaps
Gulet: Appreciate the thoughtfulness to have us speak with classmate, especially for students who've never been to class in person
Venus: where's christine big
Centaurus A: I like the focus on building intra-class connections. I agree with the feedback on clarifying reading assignments
Langara: Great class overall; looking forward to seeing how the semester develops
Langara: so great to be back in person
Venus: thinkin bout how I love charlie so much
Venus: if I have to make a graphic I will drop out
Venus: of law school
Venus: y'all had I known there would be a full on seating chart I would not have sat in the front row smh!!!
Venus: don't like that there's no armrests either