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Callisto: hello professor
Callisto: h-hewwo?!?
Barnards Star: hello hello
Callisto: tys I'm callisto
Callisto: omg some of us are star wars!
Hosnian Prime: who am i
Earth: hi again hello
Europa: Hello again
Earth: i am earth
Iapetus: What's up friends
Mercury: hi again !
Rigel: Hello world!
Callisto: god you are earth
Callisto: i love that for you
Earth: ty callisto
Callisto: yw earth ily
Callisto: we are so connected,,,
Chulak: Certified Lover Boy
Earth: we are ily2
Callisto: oh my pseudonym changed??? now I am betelgeuse
Callisto: dying thinking about "Earth: i am earth" idk why but it's the funniest thing in the world to me
Callisto: "don't be racist I am a building" vibes
Callisto: hate it when the field of battle is dubious and deadly, personally
Callisto: charlie I am so on the net
Callisto: you would not even believe
Callisto: when the impostor is sus
Langara: Hi everyone