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OP: how are we doing
OP: prof nesson it's a cat face
Kamino: Oooh a new theme
Endor: hello everyone
Deimos: new pseudonym new me
Castel Ravello: Hello once again
Tretogor: new person
Moon: Welcome to my class
Vartburg: today years old when i learned :3 is cat face
Moon: Bow before the moon
OP: y'all I think I know who moon is
Ahch-To: I been losing friends and finding peace
OP: me when the space is not habermasian: 3:
OP: me when the space is habermasian: :3
OP: this is just like 1L group chat but with more pseudonymity
Ahch-To: 10 mins into thread and chill and he gives you this look
OP: when the binduga is red >>>>
Whirlpool: terribly easy to tell who's a millennial and who's gen z even with the pseudonyms
Kamino: there's a Gen Z now?
OP: crying thinking about how much I love charlie nesson tbh
Ahch-To: Scal(i)a would say that
OP: h*ck yeah threads babyyyyy