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Milky Way: Great class! Loved everyone's topic ideas!
Proteus: It was great to talk to someone else about my research and it's nice to see that it's not just myself interested in the ideas
Polaris: I really enjoyed receiving feedback from and learning from my classmate partner
Montecalvo: Looking forward to the threads discussion. Felt we did not have enough time to really dive in
Shaerrawedd: Fantastic class was great to get questions about my topic in my breakout it helped me refine my thoughts about it!
Andromeda: I thought it was helpful to talk with someone else. Talking out loud really helps to orient me a bit and makes me focus on what I really want to get across
Polaris: I'm a little nervous about having a first draft prepared in three weeks because I usually treat drafts as if they were the final product
Earth: Yeah I agree! I really need to bounce ideas off other people in order to understand what exactly I'm trying to say/do
Andromeda: I'm wondering also if people feel like they can have a solid draft in three weeks?
Upper Posada: I'm so happy to have deadlines and a group of people who also have deadlines with me to stop my horrific procrastination tendencies
Sun: Yeah i really enjoyed the opportunity to bounce off my ideas with my partner and get constructive feedback
Triangulum: I also thought this was a great session –– loved hearing about everyone's paper topics (including Prof. Nesson's!).
Earth: I also am worried about the draft, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to do a really solid draft by then. But I am also just worried about the length of my paper because there's so much to address, and I'm not sure I'll be able to do it all in 15 pages
Sun: Yes, does prof nesson want us to have a whole draft by march 1st?
Andromeda: I think it would be helpful to do a roadmap/outline that way we can correct issues in where we're heading before diving too deep?
Triangulum: I also think a full 15 page draft by March 1 might be tough
Takodana: so happy to be working on a writing project with you all. ,
Milky Way: Will our papers at that stage be shared with the entire class? Agreed 15 page draft will be hard
Triangulum: Love the roadmap idea to make sure we're going down the right path. Would also be nice to talk things over with our partner between now and next class
Upper Posada: In order to fulfill the writing requirement for graduation my paper needs to be 30 pages… I can write 30 pages of garbage on anything I suppose but I imagine that I will have about 10 pages and the rest outlined unless Prof. Nesson says no
Sun: maybe if we have a concise outline by march 1st and then a full draft by march 22nd
Blackeye: It might be better to have a detailed outline/sources by March 1? And then in the first meeting after spring break having a full draft? That way we have the break to write it?
Shaerrawedd: Are we still at a 15-page expectation or do 2 and 3 credit papers need to be longer? I was also under the impression like @UpperPosada that we need at least 30 if we're doing this as an independent writing
Blackeye: ^yes to sun
Earth: Yeah I also love the idea of a detailed roadmap/outline, maybe with some parts written
Andromeda: I agree with the spring break idea
Andromeda: I think we're all on the same page
Blackeye: I also need to write 30 pages in order to fulfill my two credits
Triangulum: Side note - it's cool how quickly consensus can be reached on here
Blackeye: and it sounds like many of us will need the 30 pages given how much we want to write about!
Upper Posada: Thank goodness I'm not alone on the 30 p. requirement
Andromeda: I thought this was a wink wink you get two credits for writing 15 pages type of deal haha
Earth: yeah i only need 15 but i will probably write more like 30 pages
Sun: yeah i thought so too lol @andromeda
Sun: but from roughly outlining my topic I realize 15 pages will not be enough
Blackeye: oh i thought the registrar or some other faculty member read it as well
Upper Posada: I have not taken the MPRE... A wink wink 15 for 30 sounds just fine
Blackeye: either way i think i'm going to aim for 30 as a benchmark, no more
Sun: wait another faculty member reads it?
Proteus: doing 30 pages too but remember them footnotes be fire
Proteus: I also think it's up to Nesson registrar never checks
Upper Posada: @proteus lol
Proteus: so even if it's less and he approves
Earth: proteus ily
Triangulum: are we doing any peer editing?
Sun: so do we head out now?
Earth: ok so.... do we leave now
Blackeye: ok goodbye everyone!
Andromeda: Also, would love to know what the official deadline is? For us procrastinators, a deadline before finals week starts would be nice
Takodana: if i give the harlan clerks 30 pages to read i'll be abusing the occasion of our gathering.
Earth: nesson ily2
Triangulum: do we all close our cameras?
Proteus: i'm outtie papi
Andromeda: goodbye friends
Sun: nesson is the best
Sun: bye yall have a good night
Upper Posada: Good night everyone