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Saturn: I thought the discussion today on mercy, ownership over decision, and sovereignty around the jury was excellent. And it fit quite well with the reflections we have all done and how we engage with one another on a jury.
Venus: A great class discussion once again. I think that we are actually approaching ideal discourse in some ways as we have gotten to know each other and trust has been built up between parties. Maybe this rebuilds my faith in diplomacy
Messier 83: Are we going to watch the inauguration together? Doing so would most likely bring closure to the tumultuous couple of months we witnessed.
Castel Ravello: great discussion today. went to the heart of "ideal discourse."
Blackeye: I like Messier's idea! I'm really going to miss playing poker with this class.
Dillingen: Another great class. Still very curious about what other people wrote, though very thankful that we could "self-govern" on that issue. Could we all share a single anonymized paragraph? I'm curious is there is any appetite among others for some more sharing like that
Celestis: People were very open today and I think that was great. We had great discussions today and I came away rethinking my views if they were exactly right. I need more time on it. I recommend poker tournament tomorrow. Have some other obligations and I don't think I'll be able to make it if not for tomorrow.
Mandalore: Hi! It's Fern: the inauguration is at 12. we will try to monitor it to see if we should tune in at some poit
Wolf 359: Today I got to experience what it's like to be in debate over an issue with no clear "right" answer in my mind, yet one where I found myself unwilling to budge from my initial position. I wonder if pride is an obstacle to ideal discourse, or whether it greases the wheels for more productive discussion. I argued my view, and I did it imagining my name to be somehow attached to the position.
Sunflower: I will not share a single anonymized sentence
Sullust: Although I understand why people did not want to share their identity papers, I wish we had done more with that. Maybe we could have had everyone express something about it. I really appreciated our discussion about venue and the different considerations and priorities in those discussions (which were often competing values). I also found Professor Nesson's discussions of ideal discourse and jurors to be fascinating and valuable.
Cloud City: I really enjoy the jury deliberations, and today was no exception. It was nice hearing what people have learned about engaging in better discourse too, I feel like the discussions have gotten better since Day 1. I also think I've gotten better at poker ;)
Ross 154: We had insightful analysis regarding the deliberation over venue change in the case that we discussed. Earlier in class, it seemed notable how few individuals felt comfortable sharing their papers with small groups. Since many people put content within their papers that it may have been difficult for them to share with others, this is understandable.
Malhoun: I found today's class discussion very thought provoking. I had not considered the fact that other cities/juries may not believe they have the right to offer mercy if the crime seems very personal to another place. At the end of the discussion, I'm still not sure where I stand on that. Will need more time to think it over. Also had a great time playing poker - getting to know classmates well enough that I can understand some of their strategies. Looking forward to the poker tournament.
Dione: An interesting question for today! Definitely tricky since I didn't have too great of knowledge on the subject matter, but I thought we had some great discussions. I've really loved gotten to know everyone, and playing poker has been an amazing way of engaging too. Sad, though, to think that tomorrow
Dione: is the last day of class. Not ready!
Dillingen: @Sunflower, you just did!
Foam: What a great class! I think our jury deliberation today was particularly interesting — this idea of who can or should decide justice in a criminal case that affects so many. Honestly, I'm not even sure where I come out on it because such great points were made on both sides. I wish we could have dived into the identity stuff a little more, but I understand that some folks were hesitant about sharing their papers, which I totally respect. I still think the five words exercise we did was a great way at getting at some of the overall themes without forcing people to share details. Overall, another fantastic day of class!
Hagge: I liked class today! Thought it was really an interesting discussion. I will miss this class once it is over!
Druigh: PEACE and LOVE!!!!
Mandalore: and to you!