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Athos: realistic, tenacity, limitations, connect, self-reflection
Whirlpool: Shtetel, 23-and-Me, Saliva, Emotional, Complexity
Hyperion: personal, reflective, deep, emotional, striking
Brugge: Turbulent. Shame. Duality. Dreaming. Destiny.
Sunflower: Bold, sincere, caring, determined, relentless.
Io: radical, internalized, headfirst, dissonance, joy
Asuras: community-loved-flexible-complete-thankful
Vorash: immature, talkative, overthinker, honed, self-awareness
DQar: Fitting-in, aggressive, compulsive, lonely, selfish
Geonosis: Mask, strike, crave, disappointment, belongingness
Sun: follower, improve, striving, comic gold, petty
Bespin: hesitant, growth, change, passionate, reinforcement
Sirius B: contradicted, authentic, defies, chameleon, concurrently
Est Haemlet: fraught, ouroboros, simulation, evil eye, vitamin D
Messier 83: ending, progress, caution, future, flex
Kashyyyk: Bridge. Skin. Values. Understanding. Justice.
Starkiller Base: succeeding, meritocracy, shackles, illuminating, solo
Tatooine: Selfish. Searching. Exhausting. Challenged. Leaders.
Callisto: diversity, culture, sharing, helping, learning
Puck: agency, good, ugly, ancestors, loved
Neptune: Justice, community, government, career, home
Polaris: we still have class tomorrow? can we do the tournament in class tomorrow?
Callisto: ^ seconded