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Asuras: I'm happy to share my paper in whatever form/forum
Brugge: could we maybe share some/all of the paper here, anonymously?
Pinwheel: I'm much more happy to share parts of my paper or discuss themes rather than share the whole paper
Rinde: I think this group has shown itself to be thoughtful/kind, and happy to share however
Dakara: I am nervous about sharing, but willing to do it
Crait: I'd be more comfortable talking about the paper generally than actually sharing the paper
Callisto: I am not comfortable sharing my paper.
Whirlpool: Agree with Pinwheel! I'd be more than happy to share the paper generally and my motivations and themes; I am certainly shy about sharing my actual paper, though.
Pinwheel: That said, I am also interested in reading (parts of) other people's papers - I think anonymous sharing would be very interesting
Ganymede: not comfortable sharing my paper
Polaris: I am not comfortable sharing any
Sarda: Nope! Not sharing! Big no from me!
Triangulum: I would rather not share my paper
Sunflower: Would prefer talking about my paper generally
Polaris: Can we start with the people willing to share? Let them share and see where it goes?
Lan Exeter: I would not like to share my actual paper even if redacted.
Starkiller Base: I am comfortable sharing parts of my paper here anonymously
Sunflower: willing to show parts of my paper redacted though
Mars: I'd probably share my paper with a small group. I don't know about the whole class. Also seems like that would take a really long time. Maybe just a couple people could volunteer to go? Otherwise I think small group discussions are better
Moon: I would also like to see other people's papers, however would prefer to share mine only anonymously.
Dakara: I appreciate the honesty!