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Venus: so no regularly scheuled class tomorrow?
Betelgeuse: I wonder how our poker games would change with real money on the line.
Neptune: Lots more folding
Centaurus A: What time is the paper due? and is it an email submission?
Hoags Object: I was totally taken by Professor Nesson's story of blind poker. What an incredible anecdote, and a useful insight into what is really going on around the table. I would love to hear more of his insights into the game within the game.
Europa: I didn't find the discussion quite as engaging today. Maybe because we didn't really flesh out the arguments against covid restrictions.
Langara: I saw more potentially valid comparisons between a lawyer operating within the courtroom and someone who was playing the game of poker, as opposed to analyzing jury deliberations in a comparable way.
Neptune: I liked the covid topic, I wish the hypothetical had been shorter so we could have more time to discuss the baseline issue of control/monitoring for public safety versus allowing freedom/choice at the risk of spread.
Orilla: i think my group broke poker
Tollana: Can this class (or a variation of it) be turned into one for a full spring/fall semester? If all my classes were this warm and encouraging, I'd be a much happier law student. All of the discussions we have in this class, including today's, are so engaging and thoughtful, and I so appreciate them. The only downside is I think I can't play poker anymore without overthinking it!!!
Attre: I thought our class discussion today about rhetorical poker was fascinating. When I play poker, I like to play. the first few hands very safe. I hadn't quite realized it before our discussion today, but I guess at the end of the day what I'm engaging in is reputation building around the poker table. I want to establish myself as someone who usually bets according to the quality of their hand, so it gives me credibility when I make large raises. I've never thought of it before as non-verbal reputation building around the table, but that's really what it is. If I went in big on the first few hands and lost, I would get the reputation as a bluffer, and it would decrease my ability to encourage people to fold with big bets. I think it's very cool that it's something I was unconsciously doing that our discussion today illuminated. Truly a fun and insightful class discussion.
Endor: I found my group's discussions about the covid scenarios to be quite fascinating. My group members were very innovative and made me really reconsider how we could provide more better policies and solutions. Thank you Gaia and Anthony for leading that discussion. I thought many people were very engaged in that discussion and brought a wide variety of perspectives. I also enjoyed Professor Nesson's presentation and later on his poker discussion. Thank you Professor Nesson for being personal with us with your presentation but also providing incredible insights to how poker relates to the law (and specifically to juries). I enjoyed playing poker (I think we had larger tables which I found more entertaining). It was interesting to play poker after Professor Nesson led the previous discussion about poker. I also would like clarity on when we are supposed to submit the paper on Tuesday.