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Proxima Centauri: First, is the paper still due on Monday even though it's MLK day?
Proteus: oops! Tuesday!!
Neptune: It was quite interesting to see what people thought about their own presentations. That further says something about themselves.
Ross 154: I've really cherished getting to know my law school classmates on a deeper level through this experience. I wish we all did this as part of law school. It's been grounding while simultaneously pushing me to explore.
Proteus: TO be clear: This is Fern: the paper is due on Tuesday , since Monday is MLK Day
Mygeeto: Great, thanks!
Blackeye: "In law school you begin a path of coming back to yourself." Going to be thinking about this one. Wonderful class today. Feels like a breath of fresh air amid the mechanical hum of the standard law school curriculum.
Orilla: Most interesting day. I feel a heightened sense of tension between participating and holding back.
Dudno: Great class!
Gwendeith: I found the five-word exercise meaningful. To understand there are shared experiences of joy, pain, hope and fear within our classmates makes me feel closer to everyone.
Proxima Centauri: I really enjoyed class today. I think it was a contrast from the rest of the classes we have had by really focusing on identity. We have had identity discussions every day, but I found the comments of everyone's reflections to be incredibly personal, vulnerable, raw, and honest. I am thankful to my peers who were willing to be reflective in this way (especially since law school teaches us to not be). I think one of my personal struggles with law school is that it can be dehumanizing. I often have felt as if I am not really a person anymore or simply just not enough to be at this school. So thank you Professor Nesson and Fern Nesson for giving us the time and space to truly reflect (which I personally really needed after everything has happened lately). As always, I enjoy poker and getting to know people in the class better in a informal (but a little bit competitive) way.
Moon: Really enjoyed today's class. Valued hearing from everyone their introspections on their projects and on identity more generally. I agree that though this type of discourse is not common for law school classes, it should be a part of the law school curriculum.
Vega: Looking forward to interviews tomorrow. Will we be given questions or prompts?
Proteus: Fern says: we'll talk together about prompts before we begin the interviews.
Sun: The listings of people's five words itself makes a portrait of the class. We are all of those words.
Io: What a class. Really powerful stuff. I thought our exploration of identity was superb. We so rarely introspect on any meaningful level in law school, and yet it is such a valuable exercise. I am grateful for the opportunity to do so here with all of you. This is exactly what the law school curriculum needs — more thoughtful rhetoric and self-analysis.
Moon: Agree with Jakku above that law school can be dehumanizing and impersonal at times.. in these ways it even feels isolating. Today's class (specifically the five word exercise) was a welcome reminder that we are together in feeling these frustrations.