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Betelgeuse: Naked, Heartbeat, Judgement, Embarrassing, Enough?
Chulak: myself, people, memories, experience, perspective
Centaurus A: nervous. visceral mode. reader. immemorial.
Milky Way: Attention, torn, looking, crisis, audience
Sun: diversity, sharing, helping, opportunity, community
Tegamo: Vulnerable, surprised, insecurity, relatable, audience
Venus: impactful, growth, happiness, personal, variety
Vega: expressive, vulnerable, accurate, emotional, atypical
Tollana: dilettante, dabble, learning, delve, changing
Luna: occult electronic diametrically cuts beaten
Mygeeto: politics, law, sharing, surprised, insight
Pinwheel: Unique. Express. Candidly. Courage. Grow.
Claremont: snapshots, routines, rituals, privileges, tell
Andromeda: Strong, melancholy, fear, sad, pain
Uranus: Vulnerable, broken, fear, trauma, loss
Utapau: corny, mentally, flexibility, wistful, fire
Ahch-To: enlightening nostalgic somber difficult thankful
Luyten 726-8A: vulnerable, expressive, self, change, life
Oberon: self-righteous, tries, posing, exactly, performative
Andromeda: submissive, addiction, redemption, self-loathing, forgiveness
Celestis: waterfalls, symbolized, prewrite, frequency, spatial
Europa: Lighthearted, audience, uncomfortable, muted, seriously