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Triangulum: The Poker Office Hours seem great but EIP is making time available to be very small. Even so, I will practice on my own and appreciate the offer
Saturn: Great class. I will be thinking about our jury deliberation and that case for a long while.
Ganymede: Can we talk about expectations for assignments at some point soon. Unless i am mistaken, the final exam is in just 10 days, and there is a paper due between now and then. Guidance in this area would be appreciated. Besides that, I am having a blast getting to know everyone in the class, wrestling with difficult value-based questions, and then playing poker, which i find relaxing and very interesting
Jedha: I still am loving the poker aspect of our course and feel like I am appreciating new angles to the analogy each day. My only piece of feedback would be to allow for one 10 minute break a class. Loved the jury deliberation today as well.
Mygeeto: loved the poker game today!
Jupiter: I enjoyed the jury deliberation and playing poker too.
Neptune: I thought today's class was great! I really enjoyed seeing everyone's projects. One aspect of the class I've enjoyed quite a bit has been getting to know the other students, and it was great to see aspects of you all that you don't often get to see in the law school class setting. I'm looking forward to see where we go with the projects. I thought the jury deliberation was particularly enlightening. It was a great prompt that really divided the class in a substantive way. I'd love to explore that division more in future classes. It seems to get to the fundamental issue of the role of the jury. I think everyone thought he was guilty from an elements perspective, but was he guilty from a moral perspective? And is it the jury's role to act on that distinction? A very interesting question that gets to the heart of our legal system. From where can/should justice come? The persecutors? The judges? The people? Food for thought as we continue with future deliberations.
Bremervoord: • I enjoyed learning a little bit more about my classmates in the first hour (with the identity presentations). I think we could have gone more in depth with the Davis case. In my opinion, it probably had a little bit too much to discuss in just one hour. But I think the ethical dilemmas in the case were fascinating, and I genuinely enjoyed my discussion in the small group and in the larger group. I think it was interesting to have people argue both sides and to guess which side they had voted on. It is something I particularly try to practice on my own to better understand the other side. As always, I enjoy play poker, and I hope we will continue on with that in every class.
Tollana: Really enjoyed today's class. I thought it was interesting to see the identity presentations and allowed us to see sides of our classmates we wouldn't normally see in a law school setting. I also really enjoyed playing poker and would be very interested in poker office hours to further hone my strategy!
Sunflower: Today was a really fun class. I feel like I'm getting to know my classmates a lot better, which I'm enjoying to the fullest extent.
Centaurus A: HI All! (It's Fern!)
Centaurus A: Sorry, I hit return too soon Just a few comments: I'll try to do better in getting Charlie to call recesses. As to the paper and exam , please do not worry. They will both relate to the ways in which we discuss issues and the lessons we take from our discussions. No research is required; your attention to issues of ideal duscourse and of identity will be all the preparation that you will need in order to wrotre the paper and the exam. As to assignments, going forward , please continue to journal. Your journal will be invaluable to you in wrting your paper.
Luyten 726-8A: Not sure if my last comment went though, so posting again. I like the idea of a chance to play poker casually with Professor Nesson. I'm feeling comfortable with poker, but I'd love to get to learn more about how he thinks about poker (strategy and theory) and how it connects to justice