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Rigil Kentaurus: what exactly are the journal instructions and when is it due?
Earth: write a few pages per day. this week's journal entries re due tomorrow AM
Rigil Kentaurus: are we making a video too?
Earth: no. create whatever expression of your identity appeals to you!
Ryloth: Great class! I am getting better at poker.
Sateda: I appreciate that the class was split into three (like the previous day). I really appreciate the fact that we get to discuss current events, which rarely happens in law school classes. Even if I disagree with some people's comments, I am glad everyone feels that they can voice their opinion (even if I still personally feel uncomfortable). I think we could have discussed more at length Professor Parker's and Professor Crespo's response. It was also interesting to say that everyone made the same decision about the Maroons, which I personally did not expect. I also just greatly enjoy playing poker at the end of the day.
Phobos: Another fascinating day. Our maroon discussion was particularly thought provoking, and the analogizing to poker certainly was an interesting angle. It was also our most engaged poker session thus far, which made it even more of an interesting exercise. Onward.
Unicorn: Class had a great structure today, being conducted in three distinct sections. I also liked having the class agenda/plan laid out at the start - it was nice to know where we were going. Good mix of full class discussion and discussion in breakouts. I like that the professor makes an effort to bring in other voices/perspectives. I think this kind of cold-calling is great - even if students called on are uncertain or still forming opinions/understanding, it is helpful to see that I am not alone in being uncertain and it makes the discussion even more accessible.
Mercury: Thank you again for the structure of the class. I am happy that we get to do these exercises and we keep them current. I am one of the men who has been relatively comfortable speaking in class, and I want to know how we can make the class more conducive to hearing from the women members. everything you have said has been really wonderful to learn from, and I am sorry if i have contributed to an environment that feels at all hostile. It is too bad that the class is so unbalanced with regards to gender identity
Ahch-To: In an ideal world, the creators of this vitriol and destruction would own it and take control of their people. I don't think that will happen, and accordingly don't think we ought to treat a class of persons that doesn't recognize the reality or existence of others as a legitimate party.
Umbriel: I am grateful for having had the opportunity to discuss the unique situation in which the maroons were placed when the British offered them a treaty in response for assisting the British. I also appreciate our discussion on how Joe Biden could seek to work with members of the Republican party who may have a large political base, but are not willing to sit down with him regarding ways to move forward.
Luyten 726-8B: Today’s class was very thought provoking. I thought our conversation regarding the events at the Capitol was again quite productive. Constituting ourselves as a grand jury deciding whether or not to impeach and/or prosecute Trump was an effective way of structuring our thinking on the matter. I found it interesting that out class had such a diverse range of opinions. I think a lot of great points were made about the possible consequences of an impeachment or prosecution, particularly with respect to the real-world consequences of impeachment or prosecution in terms of what Trump’s base might do.
Fen Aspra: Enjoyed playing poker today. I am starting to understand the strategies of play and the strategies of my opponents. I also enjoyed the three-part structure - I focus much better when we do not spend the whole class on a single topic.
Europa: I feel that at this point our class has extensively discussed Wednesday's events and how to deal with the divide in our country. I agree that this discussion is important. I also admit that this discussion has been quite exhausting. I do not wish to avoid it altogether for the sole sake of alleviating this exhaustion. Nonetheless, I would prefer that we spend more time discussing other topics.
Tatooine: Today's class was a wonderful blend of real-world problems and issues, along with historical issues and some poker-playing playing. This sort of hybrid-learning is, for me, the perfect way to learn, because it helps in the development of my idealism and my ability to apply it to my real-world environment. I think it's tough to square those two different things sometimes, but it is a wonderful thought exercise. LOVE this class.
Asuras: Definitely agree with the Parler concern. Some of these people cannot be stopped. If you try to block them outright, they’ll just get angrier. Legitimate concerns for the safety and future of America as their momentum grows. Trump has been chosen as their spokesperson for now. I hope there is no one like him to emerge again.