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Triangulum: Would need to context...what he does today or what he does when he takes office,?
Procyon A: I'm still a bit confused by this
Centaurus A: Any unilateral action that the blue team takes against the red leader is meaningless. It is up to the red team to reject the red leader, and the most extreme red leader followers who create internet publications, march on charlottesville and lay siege to the capitol in the midst of certifying the democratic vote. The blue team cannot elminate the threat of the red leader alone, and without isolating/handicapping the alt right, what i would call group 8 on the red side, another populist is set to come along to further exacerbate existing divides and hatred in our body politic and people. the blue leader should therefore, see what groups 3 and 4 are willing to do to build a new movement that rejects red leader and his most ardent followers.
Puck: When President Ford pardoned former President Nixon, there may have been a part of him that did it for political and personal reasons. But I believe that the primary reason was — as he declared — to let the country move on. So in that sense, I think President-Elect Biden should follow a similar path and should instead ask the country to move on and heal. The leadership in the House and the Senate can still choose to respond to President Trump's actions, but I think that the office of the presidency should not take any action.
Ahch-To: Impeach him. Limit punishment to political disqualification.otherwise No punishment.
Betelgeuse: In my view, the blue leader should respond to the red leader by encouraging him to step aside, while leaving open the notion that the red leader is doing this on his own, without encouragement. The blue leader runs the risk of seeming self-interested if he plays his hand too aggressively, Thus, a more measured tone seems most likely to be effective in the long run.
Vorash: Trump should definitely be impeached by Blue Leadership. Beyond that I think he should receive whatever punishment is deemed fit by the courts for fraud and sedition. This latter approach I understand may be risky because it may just drum up more support for him. But we need to take a stand against the racist, violent, rhetoric he has been spewing and fomenting in his base. Ultimately what happened yesterday rests on his shoulders as much as those of the people who stormed and threatened our representatives and senators.
Luyten 726-8A: Announce that no one from team Red will be prosecuted. Time to move on and heal, and hold back from denigrating Trump. And ignore him when he lashes out.
Jupiter: The question is: do you take the leader down? and what are the ramifications across the spectrum of his followers if you do? I'd be inclined to step right up to the line of taking him down with full force: threats of impeachment, article 25, indictment for treason, insurrection, etc., etc. Make them real in his mind. But then to negotiate a deal whereby he "confesses error", repents, joins with the Blue leader to reconcile his followers to the reality that the election was fairly held and that he lost fair and square. Trump read a speech yesterday. He can do so again in order to avoid total defeat.
Sateda: I used to border on disagreeing with calls to prosecute the red leader--given I wasn't sure what purpose it would serve given 75 million people supported him despite his criminal dealings--but now I fully support it. I think that is the first order action. Beyond that, I don't think the blue leader ought to recognize the red leader as anything but a stain on this country, and certainly not engage with him in any real sense. We need truth and reconciliation after four years, and I think that involves shunning the red leader from public life and not recognizing him as a legitimate actor, despite his undying support among a large plurality of the country. We don't treat dictators as legitimate political actors; same goes for here.
Sunflower: With the hypothetical structure which Professor Nesson just spoke about, what stood out to me was how top down this structure seemed(i.e. power flowed from the leaders to followers, with no emphasis on power flowing at all from grassroots activities). This is important, since to me, if Donald Trump is dealt with from a top-down level, this will sharply reduce whatever legitimacy he has left in the eyes of Republican politicians on Capitol Hill. However, much of Trump's power stems from his followers, who comprise much of the Republican base. In order to deal with these individuals, so that ideologies that rely on resentment and fear, among other things, do not have a hold on the Republican party in the future, more grassroots work needs to be done by local leaders, as well as individuals in smaller environments.
Tigg: The blue leader should make sure that the red leader doesn't get away with what he did. There should at least be an inquiry into the happenings of the storming of the capital. The red leader has shown over and over again, that he pushes boundaries and he is more likely to try something if nothing is done. While prosecution is ideal, it might be trickey considering the support the red leader enjoys from is base. In the spirit of unifying the country, the blue leader should be cautious in how he acts against the red leader but should not be entirely forgiving because that sends the wrong message.
Ariel: It depends what are the goals and priorities of blue leader to know how he should response (at least in my personal opinion). Based on that information, I would likely provide a different response. Facts alone I think are often insufficient without considering that other factors that can have a tremendous impact on influencing a decision.
Bespin: Right now, nothing the Blue Leader says will get through to the Red Leader nor the team of the Red Leader (followers or workers). The best case scenario is the Blue Leader gets the Red Leader to cooperate, without alienating the Blue Leader’s own team. Probably not too likely here… It might be best to wait for things to cool down until the Blue Leader takes office. In the meantime, Biden could reiterate the willingness to cooperate, and give things time to settle. The Blue Leader could reassure the middle voters that there will be a time past this confusion and anger, affirming to them that they made the right choice in putting faith in the Blue Leader.
Blackeye: Prosecution. It's the only way to affirm that we are a nation of laws. If Trump is allowed to walk away from this with a pardon from Biden (or worse a pardon from himself), it will send a clear message that the executive exists beyond and above the laws of our land. If there is sufficient evidence that Trump broke the law while in office, he should face the consequences for those actions like any other citizen. There needs to be a precedent set that those who wield government power illegally will be held accountable. There is no moving on without accountability. There is no healing without accountability.
Moon: Blue leader should condemn red leader's rhetoric and actions. If red leader tries to pardon himself, blue leader should definitely prosecute him to ensure that future presidents aren't above the law
Oxenfurt: The blue leader should hire blue and red workers to fix all the windows and exploit their labor
Burdorff: Blue leader should think about what his goals are, not politically, but goals for the country. It might be in the interest of his party/power to seek retribution, but it might be in the interest of the country to forgive and reorient the dispute towards larger threats
Puck: In response to Oxenfurt: Groups 3, 4, and 5 should work together and seize the means of production and overthrow groups 1,2,6, and 7.
Procyon A: I fear that if red leader is prosecuted, both sides will think that the work is done. Furthermore, if we prosecute Red Leader, will red followers not act out even further than they have done so? I do believe that Red leader should be theoretically prosecuted, but we have already tried that. Doing so will also just make a game of trying to put the others in prison and I'm not sure that is great for our democracy