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Polaris: Hello 👋
Glevitzingen: hello helllo
Dakara: heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;)
Luyten 726-8A: Let's do it.
Glevitzingen: yes sir and madam
Sateda: I am willing to work toward ideal harmonious discourse, but I don't anticipate perfection
Lothal: Yes, I am willing to actively participate in an ideal harmonious discourse in this class and contribute to creating an attention space built on mutual respect. I much look forward to it!
Rocayne: How are you! I hope you are keeping well in these trying times.
Earth: I am prepared to engage in this venture. I look forward to the opportunity of working with my classmates.
Oberon: Sure, I'm in. Why not?
Sateda: I am willing to work toward ideal harmonious discourse, but I don't anticipate perfection. I think often emotions and conflict get in the way of ideal/harmonious discourse, but are also useful and appropriate. Sometimes emotions lead to domination of conversation, and questioning of others motives. Folks can have a tough time accepting views that do not match with their experience/biases. I dont anticipate that all members of the group including myself will acheive ideal at all times
Deimos: I am willing to engage and put effort into discussions where I feel it is productive and others are being receptive. If I feel that the discussion is unproductive, I am inclined to withdraw.
Whirlpool: My answer is an affirmative yes. We are all so different. I want to know how my peers think, and want to know how that compares to my own perspectives and understandings. Is there someone who thinks just like me?
Blackeye: I haven't a care in the world. Not a one.
Glevitzingen: I am happy to listen to people articulating views more honestly when on threads. Basically, ppl are usually full of it otherwise?
Abydos: I am prepared!
Mars: i think so??
Hoth: Yes this seems interesting
Centaurus A: I often aim for harmonious discourse, but worry that it can veil necessary disagreements. But yes, I am in.
Dakara: The world can only be in harmony if we express ourselves fully
Dudno: Yes I am willing to engage in this sort of discourse. I am interested to know how my peers think.
Asuras: I wonder how much persuasion and discourse can even happen in a world where many do not share the slightest premise about what is wrong/how to move forward.
Kashyyyk: I do believe that coming together and trying to be genuinely open to new ideas is an important aspect of discussion. What I won't be willing to do is stand by and watch someone use that space to harm others.
Lower Posada: My concern is that there may be goals that supersede and conflict with the goal of ideal discourse
Polaris: I think we can do it! Not too concerned. We've set a nice tone already!
Ariel: Yes. I am willing to engage in this type of discourse. I am concerned about the entire class' willingness to listen and engage, especially concerning arguments we may fundamentally disagree with.
Scarif: It will be a challenge for sure, but this is definitely a useful skill to work towards
Luyten 726-8A: I don't have any reservations about working towards an ideal discourse. It's a noble goal, and it's one that more people should work towards. I'm excited to give it a go.
Lantea: I think we're off to a great start so far! We can do this!
Vorash: I am willing to engage in ideal discourse. I think it can be difficult to get people to change engrained views, especially in a few hours or days. But I am willing to make the effort
Glevitzingen: We love Michael
Glevitzingen: No more hugs since COVID. So sad.
Sateda: Who is the cubs fan via the pokerstars username?