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Polaris: Maybe one could be systemic racism ie written laws that are designed or have the effect of pushing down minorities
Cloud City: Indians are men with some Indian in them that needs to be removed. (Capt. Richard Pratt, Henry Dawes, …)
Earth: Using racial "difference" as justification for racist policies (rather than racial superiority/inferiority)
Death Star: Implied hierarchy of races is used in what feels like scientific racism in reference to "good" or "bad" traits different races possess and how they "infuse" with white
Eysenlaan: There's a difference between slavery-based racism against black Americans, job-based racism against asian Americans, and land-based(?) racism against native americans.
Tigg: Some types of racism fall on racial boundaries, for example racism against Chinese-Americans stemmed from companies' preference to hire them over white workers. Economic racism? The racism against Native Americans stemmed from whites' need to "civilize" them, while the racism against African Americans was a consequence of the end of slavery.
Death Star: Implication that "civilized" is good, and that white is civilized... as opposed to other races, who are called savages
Eysenlaan: Maybe this has to do with race hierarchy, but there is also the context of different minority populations around the quite large United States.