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Centaurus A: It always fascinates me that we are able to view the same stimuli (whether it be an artwork or even just a math problem) but, even between close friends or family members, there are so many different interpretations. I do have one question though: how would Albright’s suggested process/perspective apply to our perception of optical illusions especially in cases where we might be unfamiliar with what is being presented?
Ganymede: “Visual imagery is fundamentally subjective and thus not directly accessible to anyone but the imager.” How might art and the selection of medium impact the accessibility of visual imagery?
Sunflower: “The impressionist painter does not attempt to provide pictorial detail, but rather creates conditions that enable the viewer to charge the percept, to complete the picture, based on his/her unique prior experiences.” As the world of art pushes past impressionism into modernism, minimalism, and works of object/medium-specificity, how does the contemporary artist anticipate/expect the viewer to participate in the completion of the picture or piece? What knowledge, learning, and associative recall is demanded of the viewer when engaging with minimalist works of art created artists such as Dan Flavin and Donald Judd, for example?