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Pinwheel: I would love if you shared it.
DQar: No prosecutor is going to take Prof. Nesson to court over this
Lothal: I don't want to receive a copy of the recording since idk if it's legal
Cloud City: Yeah what a joke it is like the laws prohibiting adultery
Venus: we wouldnt be receiving anything, its like going to a streaming website to watch out of market sports games. Cant get in trouble for doing that, just the rebroadcaster gets in trouble
Cloud City: I mean obviously no one will prosecute
Mirt: I personally felt it's fine because we do illegal stuff all the time and thought it fell in the category of stuff no one would rally care about. But, if other people are genuinely uncomfortably with it, then I guess it's not fair to put someone in that position
Venus: i think nesson kinda wants them to come at him, so to speak, for something like this
DQar: Also how are you going to get in trouble because someone (literally a professor) emailed something to you. That implies you can control what other people send to you
Lantea: I wouldn't recommend it. The trial will likely go longer than 2 hours. Maybe those with class can just join after?
Venus: (you can get in trouble if someone emails you child porn . . . but yes, this is different, and yes there are special rules with CP)
DQar: I'm not saying it's a great idea to do it- it isn't. I'm just saying that from a practical perspective no prosecutor is likely going to want to put a beloved HLS professor in jail on contempt for trying to share a trial with his class
Mirt: If we were in-person and the professor wanted to celebrate the last day with champagne. And one person was 20 years old. I feel like no one would be having any moral issues. Where does this situation stand with respect to something like that?
Mirt: Like if people are genuinely haven't issues about it, then I guess we shouldn't do it. But I guess I just feel like, we shouldn't not do it solely on the basis that it's technically illegal