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Jealousy: what benefits does the electoral college provide
Tethys: WHY the *censored* do we still have the electoral system? It was designed for such different lifestyles?
Jealousy: well there must be some reason?
Hoags Object: Why are Nebraska and Maine split vote states
Triangulum: why aren't all states split vote?
Jealousy: what is a split vote statee?
Mygeeto: Can trump really cancel the counting of mail-ins?
Tethys: how important is each vote
Tatooine: Is there really freedom in democracy if our representatives are chosen because they spent more money in advertisements?
Betelgeuse: Can trump really canclel the counting of mail-ins?
Procyon B: Why do we still have the electoral college
Nastrog: a split vote state is a state that doesnt have a majority of either a red or a blue vote
Triangulum: what will happen if both candidates claim victory?
Jealousy: what is the deal with the fake ballot boxes
Tethys: will we listen to AOC if trump attempts to become a dictator?
Betelgeuse: if its usually just democrates and republicans who will become prez, then why do people of different parties even try?
Tethys: can write-ins become potus?
Hoags Object: what happens if nobody votes in a statw
Triangulum: @nastrog, it's actually a state where if a candidate wins the state, not all the votes go to them
Ganymede: In my opinion, each vote is important primarily because they participate in forming the majority or minority