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Rhea: why is the GOP so evil?
Rhea: why is the GOP so evil?
Rhea: why do we have an electoral college?
Jupiter: what happens if most of one party questions the legitimacy of the results, but the other doesn't?
Felucia: The one with the military wins đŸ™ƒ
Jupiter: like, one party is almost unanimous on there being some sort of voter fraud but the other disagrees 100%
Jupiter: which absolutely could happen at this point
Rhea: most definitely will happen
Rhea: trump supporters weren't happy with just getting the electoral college back in 2017
Rhea: ah, the good old days...
Celestis: Email voting
Callisto: what does it mean if a state is red or blue? does it matter in the grand scheme of things
Earth: will there be voting by mail in the future (post-covid) too?
Kaer Morhen: yes Utapau
Celestis: What is swing state?
Puck: why is there so much misinformation. It seems like people are living in seperate realities.