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Tethys: I love rational discourse and reasonable debates. Can't wait for tonight!
Unicorn: Can't wait to watch them scream at each other with mikes off
Europa: why do Mitch Mcconnell's hands look like that? If it were Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, or Kamala Harris who looked like that, the media would be badgering them to release their medical records
Europa: If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it
Unicorn: something is definitely up with his hands
Unicorn: But it doesn't bother me too much tbh. The candidates' mental fitness (or lack thereof) is far more bothersome than Cocaine Mitch's hands
Europa: i wouldn't care but the sexism and double standards rly frustrates me
Uranus: Anyone on here
Saturn: In that case you must be bothered by the judiciary committee's treatment of Amy Coney Barrett. They literally asked her two dozen times i she has her own brain or if she is just an extension of Scalia. But it's fine because we only care about women if it's the "right kind of woman"
Uranus: Mitch McConnell had polio btw
Saturn: not withstanding the fact that its hypocritical of the GOP to push her in.
Saturn: Why did my name change from saturn
Uranus: I think names rotate
Uranus: i was uranus and am now ariel
Uranus: LETS DO THIS!!!
Uranus: ill live tweet since im by myself
Uranus: Fight against COVID folks. Be SPECIFIC MR PRESIDENT
Unicorn: where is everyone
Unicorn: Earth to everyone, from earth
Uranus: No empirical evidence on effectiveness of masks
Unicorn: im surprised Biden didn't say 200 million
Uranus: “Cmon man!”
Uranus: Happy with the debate so far. Much more civil.
Andromeda: Honestly pleasantly surprised so far, I was expecting much worse
Uranus: Trump trying not to be crazy. Biden has launched most attacks it seems so far
Dione: Just being civil is not going to be enuf for trump. He needs to take Biden down.
Uranus: I think he tried that last time. Wasnt a good look. There is a lot sympathy for Biden because he is a nice old guy
Alderaan: dancing in the streets of chinatown? did anyone else see that?
Unicorn: yeah she was actually though
Alderaan: she danced in the streets of chinatown?
Starkiller Base: I will dance in the streets of chinatown. I will dance in the streets of Little Italy. I will dance in the streets of Little Brazil. You can't stop me from dancing.
Unicorn: im not sure why we dont have a third candidate. Biden looks lost and trump . . . well trump
Alderaan: "democrat states are dying, they're dying" ... checks death toll, looks like Texas in the lead over the past month
Unicorn: Per capita???
Uranus: Gonna just say—Zoom school isnt school. We should quit pretending it is and wasting everyones time
Unicorn: ariel especially for kids. What a scam
Alderaan: Ariel - you're spot on
Uranus: if thats what were gonna do, cool. But lets quit acting like it is
Unicorn: lol ny. Cuomo killed 11000 nursing home patients
Uranus: earth: truth
Andromeda: "I don't look at this in blue states and red states, I look at the united states. But look at the red states-" joe buddy please don't do this to yourself
Alderaan: NY got hit first, they were the laboratory where we figured out how to treat this for everyone else
Uranus: no links. Makes this less fun. Plus im multitasking on my phone
Alderaan: the link basically said masks are good
Unicorn: yes but cuomo still walks around like he is amazing. I understand that no one knew anything back then, but he will never admit it. So he is just as bad as trump
Uranus: yeah Cuomo wrote a book
Uranus: like dude... just be humble about not knowing shit about this thing
Alderaan: Wait, what specifically did Cuomo do that makes him "as bad as Trump" cause thats a pretty harsh attack on Cuomo
Unicorn: cuomo went on a victory lap. He is a horrible person. I used to like him. I think he is a horrible human being
Alderaan: What was his victory lap?
Rigel: trump is a senior with heart problems
Alderaan: "I could blow away your records, but I choose not to"
Unicorn: writing a book and going on air 50 times saying new york beat COVID and e/t is trumps fault
Starkiller Base: Ny handled covid extremely poorly and caused thousands of deaths around the country. NY "recovered" more quickly only because they were hit first and cuomo acted like this was a success
Uranus: Is this chat a mix of both fair trial and Advanced evidence?
Unicorn: P3X biden is a senior with brain problems
Unicorn: Ariel, wondering the same
Unicorn: because if we only get 7 people on out of both classes that seems strange
Alderaan: New York has been under 100 deaths per day since may 29th, under 50 deaths per day since june 13, and under 20 deaths per day since july 18th
Uranus: im in advanced evidence, so if anyone is from fair trial, we have an answer
Betelgeuse: Why aren't they talking about how the country is run by pedophiles and how trump is working to save us from this problem? Seems pretty important???
Alderaan: Did anyone see the new borat movie?
Unicorn: Qanooon baby
Rigel: and there it is, Qanon entered the chat; perhaps ironically
Unicorn: Centaurus if you look at NY as country they are in top 5 in the world for death rate
Unicorn: its pretty clear, You cant deny the numbers
Alderaan: yup - they got hit with it early, hard. then they actually smushed and flattened the curve
Uranus: holy shit... qanon... we have to maintain our dignity here (but i welcome conspiracy theories in a separate chat)
Triangulum: Ariel have you actually convinced yourself that there is no empirical evidence for the efficacy of masks
Unicorn: I dont understand how people belive in qanon
Uranus: ruh roh... shit is getting hot
Alderaan: Jim Watkins is Q-anon
Unicorn: yeah masks work. End of story
Triangulum: I honestly dont know how you can go to HLS if you unironically think there's no evidence for the efficacy of masks. The most serious case of cognitive dissonance on the planet
Alderaan: thats the actual dude who is Q-anon
Unicorn: Procyon people who go to HLS believe a lot crazier things
Sateda: There are very few things crazier to believe
Unicorn: Abolish the police
Triangulum: yes but those things stem from distorted value systems and deal with more complex political questions, this is a fact
Uranus: Hahaha—“you arent smart if you dont believe the exact same thing i believe via an anonymous chat”
Unicorn: I hate when moderators debate the presidents.
Unicorn: #cancelAriel
Triangulum: says the dude refusing to acknowledge evidence thats been linked to him lmao
Alderaan: Trump is still beating the "under audit drum"
Triangulum: just keep pretending it doesn't exist
Uranus: Im not gonna hop around on links.
Unicorn: pretending what doesnt exist
Triangulum: yeah youre not because you know it makes you blatantly wrong
Unicorn: Procyon are you referring to me?
Unicorn: im not sure what you are referring to
Sateda: Troglodytes when they get proven wrong: “hahaha this is an anonymous chat you ACTUALLY CARE?”
Unicorn: What twitter and facebook did with the hunter biden story is ntus
Triangulum: lol @chulak
Unicorn: What am I missing
Alderaan: Yeah, i can't believe twitter and facebook allowed it to spread
Alderaan: it was plainly manufactured disinformation
Unicorn: Centaurus I hope youarent serious
Unicorn: so twitter is arbiter of what is misinformation?
Unicorn: that scares me. There wer less credible things about trump that they had no problem letting spread
Sateda: No confirmation the emails are real and Rudy’s story is as ridiculous as what we’ll see in the new borat
Alderaan: exactly Chulak
Uranus: Haha this is silly. Dont get butt hurt over my stance on masks. But to clarify— i wear a mask out of respect and because it cant hurt. But correlations between countries that did well and countries that wore masks dont bear out
Sateda: I wouldn’t have limit the spread of the NY Post articles but let’s not pretend it’s some amazing spotlight story
Alderaan: the strongest correlation on poor health outcomes and covid is population density
Starkiller Base: I love being a businessman who does business
Alderaan: hey, private companies can block whatever they want on their private platforms. yay free market and no regulation
Unicorn: CHulak, again. Not saying it is credible but they have no problem letting misinformation spread about Trump
Unicorn: dont deny that fact
Alderaan: what misinformation has spread about trump on facebook?
Europa: do we actually have Trump supporters in this chat??
Unicorn: yes doesnt mean it shouldnt scare those free market people
Triangulum: people can keep linking you evidence that you won't read
Unicorn: Knotweed define trump supporters
Sateda: Knotweed we have 2 trump supporters
Triangulum: I dont care at all whether you wear a mask personally, just dont delude yourself into thinking that the evidence supports your lie
Unicorn: I will vote for Trump even though I hate him
Unicorn: I just hate the way the dems became. I did not vote for trump in 2016
Sateda: earth is probably the guy who vote for Clinton allegedly but is now voting for trump because “SOCIALISM“
Alderaan: i'm the sucker trying to read each link
Sateda: Called it lol
Unicorn: Earth actually did not vote dor trump in 2016. Earth confirmed that with earth
Alderaan: fuck democracy because democrats wanna give poor people health care
Unicorn: But I do think the far left went crazy
Unicorn: Im all in for health care, but don't we have Medicaid?
Unicorn: Im poor and I was on medicaid for many years
Uranus: Procyon... we moved on. Go start another thread and talk about masks
Europa: the far left isn't in charge
Unicorn: The far left is definitely pulling the democratic party
Europa: so please don't destroy democracy because you're afraid of the boogeyman that fox news is trying to delude you with
Alderaan: Trump admin has introduced several rules to curtail access to medicaid
Unicorn: I actually never ever go on fox news but go off
Sateda: Don’t reason with him
Alderaan: just a heads up, news corp, that owns fox, also owns NY post
Unicorn: exactly dont reason when you can just scream
Sateda: somehow leftists are pulling strings even though they have no sway in Congress
Europa: the far left is definitely not pulling the democratic party. if that were true, we'd have universal healthcare, free or affordable public higher education, tons of public transit, and a sensible minimum wage by now
Unicorn: just look at how much the democratic party changed
Alderaan: yeah, somehow leftists are pulling strings, but there was a coordinate drop out to kill bernies campaign
Sateda: Probably thinks pelosi is a leftist
Unicorn: I forgot, i shouldnt reason with you
Sateda: ”just look how much the democrats have changed”
Sateda: name one way
Unicorn: Pelosi is not a leftist shes jsut an old witch who should be out of office
Europa: err, we wouldn't have those things because the of the senate, but those things would've passed the house
Uranus: Portland has been rioting for like 150 days straight
Alderaan: if the far left was pulling the party, you would'nt have seen 3 major candidates drop from the primary when bernie was about to cement the nomination
Unicorn: exactly, look what they had to do to beat bernie. That wouldn't have been needed in previous years
Uranus: centarus- truth
Altair: That was a left field bit from Biden about sitting around the table
Triangulum: lol Chulak, Ariel followed your formula to a t
Europa: lol you don't know what a riot is if you think that's a riot. you're afraid of peaceful protests? what happened to people being proud of people exercising first amendment rights? people go off to war and justify it by citing our rights
Unicorn: Masks work. Period. Lets mve on'
Triangulum: gets beat down in an absurd debate that shouldn't even be happening "lol why u care we moved on"
Unicorn: lma peaceful protests
Unicorn: lmaoooooooooooo
Europa: you must have grown up in the middle of nowhere and are afraid of large gatherings of people
Rigil Kentaurus: Trump looks more tempered but a few classic interruptions
Alderaan: Who is winning debate at the midpoint?
Rigil Kentaurus: I think Trump is winning; Biden doesn’t seem as in
Cantonica: The person getting paid to mute them.
Asuras: Seriously I don't understand how people call hiring and looting peaceful protests
Vizima: Trump is winning
Alderaan: Biden's speech impediment, is an impediment.
Sateda: Trump doing better tonight but too little too late
Cantonica: Biden is winning
Sateda: biden is winning the election for sure
Alderaan: I wouldn't bet more than $5 on this election
Alderaan: gonna be too close
Europa: Muting the microphone was a great idea. It's a much better debate with that
Europa: Why hasn't my name changed
Alderaan: oh, did yall know we just had our day with the 3rd most new covid infections since the start of the pandemic
Uranus: Procyon youre still on it huh. Please. If it makes you feel better, go on google and keep dropping links into the chat. That will show how smart you are
Alderaan: and we're at a 1 month high in new deaths
Europa: What are y'all going to do about next semester
Europa: Trump is right that Biden was lucky to get the nomination
Sateda: Live laugh loot
Europa: All of the moderates colluded and dropped out at the same time
Sateda: sorry Earth that was just a JOKE
Alderaan: ahahah, Kamala is more liberal than bernie sanders lolololol
Sateda: imagine your biggest fear being target getting robbed lmao
Europa: How do we study for this final exam
Alderaan: oh no, where will the wypipo get their curtains?!!?
Alderaan: Knotweed asking the good questions
Triangulum: Ariel every time I look at the chat I see you whining from like 5m ago because you're bitter that you're wrong
Rigil Kentaurus: This exam is going to be wild
Sateda: I am not pro looting but it’s funny how it’s become such an irrational fear
Sateda: in the sense that it’s gotten so blown out of proportion
Europa: Walmart is robbing the country. We subsidize that corporation by allowing it to pay such low wages that we taxpayers have to pay for their employees' public benefits
Alderaan: same chulak - like - woooow, really, the target going away is worse than systemic racism
Europa: So if you're going to loot a place, let it be Walmart
Alderaan: Knotweed facts
Sateda: the crime rate is so low compared to the 80s yet we are terrified of PlayStations not getting paid for
Triangulum: but its not just target, its small businesses too
Rigil Kentaurus: moderator came off strong and stern but has since surrendered power to the candidates
Alderaan: moderator gotta hit that mute button more
Europa: The politics of the 80s were terrible. And so were the real estate moguls...
Sateda: That’s true Procyon but I was exaggerating to joke
Triangulum: yeah its a fair point
Rigil Kentaurus: Anybody taking the MPRE soon?
Sateda: Walmart sucks
Triangulum: yeah but im not gonna study for it because theres little downside to failing it
Vizima: Can we talk about Hunter Biden saving 10 for the big guy
Rigil Kentaurus: I have it tomorrow; much rather watch the debate and Chulak than study conflicts of interest
Alderaan: hahaha, who had "democrat run cities" on their drinking bingo
Alderaan: MPRE tomorrow
Alderaan: democrat run cities, aka, economic powerhouses that act as piggybanks for the welfare programs for 13 red states
Rigil Kentaurus: biden earlier in debate: “I dont see red or blue states I see the United States” (IMMEDIATELY after) “all the states seeing spikes are red states”
Shaerrawedd: I mean if it's true it's true
Alderaan: yeah - he bombed that phrasing
Sateda: Biden is not good at debates anymore but this debate doesn’t matter
Sateda: everyone’s mind is made up short of Biden incredibly bad
Sateda: like historically bad; aka trump debate 1
Alderaan: Biden has debated 2 politicians into retirement, about to be 3
Vizima: Coyotes dont bring people over the border now
Rigil Kentaurus: What do you guys think about having a wall on the border or at strategic points (like cities)?
Alderaan: g'bye palin, g'bye ryan, g'bye trump
Rigil Kentaurus: i know a lot of people don’t like the idea about a barrier but realistically would you be opposed to it between El Paso/Juarez or San Diego/Tijuana?
Alderaan: walls have been part of border control for decades and weren't politicized
Alderaan: our drug "war" turned those border towns into what they are tho
Venus: legit nothing wrong with a wall in and of itself
Alderaan: do we have walls w/ canada
Rigil Kentaurus: No those border regions have always been rough, even before the true drug war started
Rigil Kentaurus: admittedly not as rough
Alderaan: tiujana wall wasnt built til bush after the drug war made it cartel playground
Rigil Kentaurus: even though you could argue with the drug war creating the violence at the border, is that reason to not have a barrier?
Sunflower: a wall isn't the problem
Alderaan: why don't we have walls with canada?
Rigil Kentaurus: More equal economic footing and history
Uranus: There arent canadians run south across the border
Starkiller Base: We should be keeping Canadians out of this country. They are untrustworthy - known liars and cheats
Triangulum: barriers could be reasonable for certain stretches but they are not cost effective immigration enforcement. physical barriers mean little to nothing in most regions of the border and true immigration enforcement would have to be employer/incentive based
Rigil Kentaurus: Trump about kids not knowing where their family is: “good” (yikes)
Alderaan: i posit that the "but for" cause of the walls with mexico is the drug war
Unicorn: lol back to the riots. (I stepped away for a bit) you can believe that racism is the problem while at the same time believing looting and rioting is bad.
Europa: Lol name drop the one Black GOP senator
Alderaan: "nobody has more for the black community than donald trump, except maybe, possibly, abraham lincoln
Unicorn: Classic leftist argument
Europa: what's the classic leftist argument?
Unicorn: He isnt wrong. Biden was in politics for 47 years and did nothing
Europa: You really don't know what leftism is if you think anything here or in this debate is leftist
Unicorn: that if you say looting is bad it must mean you don't belive racism is aproblemt
Alderaan: Biden admitted he was wrong, something we've never heard Trump do
Unicorn: Im not talking about the debate. Im talking about peaceful protests.
Europa: You say Biden did nothing and also Biden did bad stuff. Which is it? Lol
Unicorn: Knotweed that is simply stupid and you know the anser
Unicorn: biden did nothing means nothing good. I figured your at HLS, you probably can make an inference or two
Triangulum: can you name a few senators who you think accomplished more than Joe Biden
Alderaan: the answer is, Biden did DO something, he passed a popular crime bill, that turned out to be misguided, and admitted he was wrong....while Trump was saying the bill wasn't harsh enough on those in inner cities
Sunflower: guys i just hope they both have fun
Alderaan: Elizabeth Warren
Europa: Really? I thought "nothing" meant "nothing" - I figured you're a conservative, so you probably know how about the textual and original meaning of the word
Unicorn: lol Trump was great on prison stuff and even liberals acknowledged that
Europa: not even touching the fact that you said "your" instead of "you're"
Unicorn: Knotweed, you're hilarious
Alderaan: yeah, trump is great on things like advocating for the death penalty of the central park 5
Alderaan: 100 points for Knotweed
Unicorn: Knotweed I forgot you don't reason with people,
Sateda: Tell us more how you hate trump though
Alderaan: - 5 more points for Earth
Aedd Gynvael: Can't argue with Earth saying everything can get you labeled a racist these days. don't want to abolish all prisons and criminal law? RACIST
Unicorn: Trump is a moron who mishandled COVDI and won't admit it. He is a fraud who went bankrupt with other peoples money a bunch of times. He has the maturity of a 5 year old. TO start
Alderaan: and yet, he's got your vote!
Alderaan: "least racist person in this room!"
Europa: How am I not reasoning with people? I pointed out that it's illogical to argue that Biden did nothing and also that Biden did bad things
Europa: Sorry you got mad about it
Sateda: Lol this is great
Unicorn: Ye she has my vote
Unicorn: Abraham lincoln here. Wow didnt know biden can revive the dead
Uranus: The leftwing thought bubble is real
Sateda: Property crime is your number one concern though
Sateda: also explain how it’s a federal isssue
Europa: "I figured your at HLS" lmao please don't make us sound so dumb
Unicorn: Yep and if you dont agree with the leftists you must be a far right winger
Sateda: Left wing Biden wants to teach your kids ACAB and eat the rich
Sunflower: exactly, they won't accept you can be a reasonable person who cares about racism
Alderaan: I mean, trump calls Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas... did he revive pocahontas?
Unicorn: again who said properoty crime is my number one concern? it doesn't mean i am not concerned. Classi either all or none. Liberals brains can't handle much I guess
Unicorn: Centaurus. Please. one was intentional one wasn't. At least be honest
Alderaan: It was intentional, he called him Abraham Lincoln as a mocking insult
Europa: Originalism necessarily perpetuates oppression and should not be used as a canon of interpretation. I don't care about what the Framers thought, or even what Abraham Lincoln thought for that matter
Alderaan: the way Trump calls Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas as an insult
Sateda: I thought you were a liberal earth?
Sateda: and it’s not all or nothing, but it’s literally all you’ve pointed to
Uranus: You dont understand originalism then
Unicorn: yes you can say it is wrong but it isn't analogous to the lincoln comment
Unicorn: Ariel dont even bother
Sateda: somehow BLM protests mean Don has to get your vote
Unicorn: lol BLM protests. NO its the far left shift in the dem party
Unicorn: BLM protests dont cause COVID btw. Just so you know. But trump rallies on the other hand . . .
Unicorn: Both cause covid and just be honest
Alderaan: Indoor rallies, lets get Hermain Cain's opinion on those
Sateda: Explain the far left shift in dems
Unicorn: you mean outdoors rallies
Unicorn: and yes Both are problematic. At least Im honest
Ganymede: "i couldnt do anything because i had a republican congress"
Ganymede: if trump had any real debating ability he would've said
Unicorn: Ganymede, if im correct I dont think there was republican congress for all 8 years
Ganymede: "what are you gonna do if you have a republican congress again"
Ganymede: "just sit around for 8 years"
Ganymede: wouldve been killer
Unicorn: Far left shift. Socialism, critical race theory, cancel culture, foreign policy, just to name a few.
Unicorn: YEs racism is a problem, A huge problem. But critical race theory is not the answer
Alderaan: cancel culture, aka the free market at work
Unicorn: That will only further the divide.
Ganymede: The thing that strikes me as crazy
Unicorn: Agreed. But that isn't the free market I want.
Ganymede: is that HLS students are supposed to be top 1% in the world in logical reasoning
Unicorn: What ever happened with Tara Reade btw
Ganymede: all these guys do is talk big talk about changing shit and being for minorities
Ganymede: and then they never do shit
Unicorn: Like all politicians
Ganymede: and everyone deepthroats democrats like theyre actually fighting for you
Triangulum: idk what happened to tara reade, what happened to the 12+ accusers of the president?
Unicorn: Procyon, agreed! but no one claims Trump is moral. Biden on the other hand... All the #metoo people came to his defense lol
Triangulum: there was def some hypocrisy with the tara reade accusation, agreed. but I dont think its an issue particularly relevant to the election
Unicorn: okay I appreciate the honesty
Uranus: Be consistent. Thats the important part
Unicorn: lol trump making stuff up about energy. he doesnt know the first thing about it
Unicorn: Ariel. Consistency. nah
Unicorn: Clarence Thomas is the wrong kind of black person to be on the court. I literally heard that in HLS
Unicorn: Because we only want certain kinds of Black people on the court, and certain kinds of women in positions of power.
Uranus: Yeah— when be dies, im sure he’ll get the same farewell RBG got
Unicorn: Ariel, LOL.
Uranus: who, lets be honest, didnt break any glass cielings... but eff sandra day o’conner right?
Unicorn: or when Nikki Haley runs and all the people excited about breaking glass ceilings will all of the sudden be voting for Bernie
Unicorn: i love trumps facial expressions
Alderaan: can we finally get rid of the electoral college so more than 10 states matter
Unicorn: Moderator did great. No? what y'all think
Unicorn: Centaurus Im gald we can agree on one thing
Unicorn: electoral college is stupid
Cantonica: I agree, the moderator has done well!
Alderaan: and repeal the permanent reapportionment act of 1929 too
Unicorn: melania with the mask
Alderaan: house of representatives was designed to provide balance to the senate. each state gets 2 senators, and then each state gets members in the house in proportion to its size. in 1929 we capped the size of the house, and now both houses of congress disproportionately favor states with smaller populations
Unicorn: Im not sur ehow capping the number makes a difference as long as the proportionality is the same
Unicorn: Im not a math major but that seems like basic math to me
Alderaan: yeah, might wanna do some recalculating there
Alderaan: Wyoming has 189,000 people per house member, california has 689,000
Europa: Not sure if I enjoyed this
Unicorn: if it is based on proportionality how does that happen
Europa: People feel empowered to be gross when they're anonymous
Alderaan: because of the false cap put on in 1929
Unicorn: explain what anyone said that was gross
Europa: DC statehood. Puerto Rico statehood. On day one. Let's go
Alderaan: if not for the reapportionment act of 1929, the house could've grown, proportionately, with population
Cantonica: @Centaurus I think Wyoming actually has about 578,759 per house seat
Unicorn: yeah fano. Math wise it doesnt make sense
Alderaan: Fano, no, thats per senate seat
Cantonica: @centaurus, they only have 1 house seat
Alderaan: Fano, I stand corrected, i was looking at electors from electoral college list. You are right, I am wrong.
Unicorn: Knotweed. Explain what was gross
Unicorn: Centaurus kudos for admitting. Yeah math-qise it doesnt make sense
Unicorn: Something you dont agree with is not necessarily gross
Alderaan: but Fano, point still stands, wyoming still has far less people per congressperson than california (or most blue states for that matter)
Alderaan: same with idaho, montana, etc
Unicorn: far less? 100k people. seems like a small errro since they have to get at least 1
Cantonica: @centaurus I agree, especially when it comes to the Senate
Alderaan: senate was by design tho
Alderaan: congress is due to the reapportionment act
Alderaan: and now Earth thinks 100k people being stripped of representation is just a small error
Unicorn: no All i said is ther eis no way to change that. They need at least 1 rep
Cantonica: @centaurus Yes, just saying that I agree with your original point and the power smaller states have
Unicorn: so yes, they will have more value but nothing to do about that. If you don't give them any rep that will be 500k people without a rep
Alderaan: ooooooorrrrr, you get rid of the false cap on representatives, and allow the representation to truly be proportional
Unicorn: fair enough but that wont change much. Will just account for the extra value of Wyoming. All other states with more than that will probably have the proper amount of representation
Unicorn: good night y'all. Still waiting to hear what was gross though
Alderaan: it would shift the congress by approximately 18 pts in favor of democrats
Claremont: Good night