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OP: Hi everyone
Scarif: Great class
Io: Great class! Loved hearing everyone's thoughts at the end
Abydos: Solid class
Scarif: I really enjoyed that one
Io: I think this case is super interesting and would like to keep talking about it
Scarif: yes fasciating case
Rigil Kentaurus: Class today was good! I liked that everyone shared their thoughts at the end, especially because they were so persuasive that they changed my initial opinions.
Scarif: I wish I knew as much about it as Anthony and gaia lol
Scarif: Yeah my opinion defeinitely swayed based on hearing others' thoughts.
Dione: Hi all - this class raised so many more questions for me - I'll just post them here in a stream of consciousness. 1) Habeas? 2) "New Property" - Donziger has a property interest in being barred 3) Case for legal realism - if the evidence as it exists in the court of public opinion is to be believed, Donziger may be actually innocent and deserves a retrial 4) The appellate record may not show enough to actually grant his appeal
Uranus: Loved class today and being able to hear everyone's opinions and perspective! It really made for an engaging conversation. Thank you professor!