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Armeria: Good idea!
Jupiter: Yes great idea!
Jupiter: What are people's views of Harris v. Pence?
Sun: Trump looking, sounding, feeling better than ever!!! MAGA!!!!!!!
Sateda: Babylon be gone!
Sateda: whose ready for a debate
Sateda: VP debates are like non alcoholic beer
Hosnian Prime: Buckle up, here we go
Drakenborg: Not watching the debate live but I may read this later
Drakenborg: Want to see how hot the takes could get
Vedette: When will politicians recognize and learn that smirks and laughter when other politicians are talking (including when they're being moronic) is such a horrible strategy? Marco Rubio did it last time and looked like a dweeb.
Armeria: What was the question?
Luna: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Mars: Do people vote based on the VP? I can't tell how relevant this debate is (or these people are for that matter)
Luna: @Mars Trump and Biden might be dead by 2022 so could be big deal
Sateda: yeah wlf 359 this is the most relevant VP debate in history
Sateda: Biden is scenile and trump might be dying of COVID for all we know so this might be the real presidential debate
Armeria: Good score on $750.
Beauclair: The questions to Pence are rightfully hard ones. The questions to Harris are softballs. It does not serve the American people well when the media is just the voicebox for one of the parties.
Sateda: oh please just look at all the interviews of Biden. Never heard more softball stuff in my life
Sateda: media is so one sided but dont think anyone respects media anymore anyways
Luna: I don't believe in science
Armeria: She talks to us. He talks at us.
Sateda: i believe in science
Beauclair: They are both extremely phony. Harris is a huge flip flopper and Pence says a bunch of nothing.
Sateda: but define science lol
Sateda: Takodana agreed
Sateda: Both talk at us
Orilla: Just want a president who will hold my hand and change my diaper and be nice to me
Sateda: orilla go find another country lol. Not gonna happen here
Beauclair: There is a place for decency though. Our democracy depends upon it.
Sateda: Eh our democracy sucks
Sateda: just look at who are the two Prsidential cnadidates
Beauclair: It didn't used to be this bad
Beauclair: I hope we can get back to civility. We need it.
Beauclair: For anyone interested watch George Bush's last press conference from CSPAN on YouTube. It's fascinating.
Sateda: but not gonna happen. the extremes are too radical
Beauclair: Obama was equally civil but he didn't have a hostile media to work with.
Sateda: bernie bros are nuts. and hard core MAGA folks are nuts and that isn't changing
Mars: Could we get a long-form conversational debate? I'd prefer real engagement rather than mini-speeches
Beauclair: Vega - agreed.
Sateda: agreed vega. But again thats the problem with democracy we care more about soundbites than actual policy
Athos: Biden for president
Mars: "they're coming for you" three times from Harris. Not sure fearmongering is a good strategy
Sateda: i would honestly take pence over any of the other 3 candidates.
Sateda: but Yang above all!!!
Hyperion: Dakara same
Sateda: Yang would walk ith this election if it weren't for a two party system
Hyperion: There should be a "thank you" count.
Hyperion: Pence should have worked the riots into every single answer. Covid? Democrats are encouraging riots. Economy? Democrats are encouraging destruction of businesses. Etc.
Mars: Forest management front and center? Sounds like they need some branch managers :D
Sateda: the only way to stop a bad guy with a pun is a good guy with a gun
Sateda: kamala doesnt hold a candle to pence honestly
Hyperion: It is so sad that climate change is a political issue. I hate the GOP position on this.
Sateda: hes being muc h more clear than she is.
Sateda: agreed GOP position on cliamte change is just...
Sateda: and Im voting trump though. it sucks though
Hyperion: The question on the Green New Deal to Kamala was a fair one.
Sateda: first fair question to a dem
Sateda: love the segue from cliamte change to taxes. LMAO pence
Sateda: taxes taxes taxes
Hyperion: I really dislike how often both of these candidates use appeals to emotion. It's so transparent and phony. Apparently they do it because their strategists tell them it works but I don't understand how. To me they both come off as phony.
Sateda: harris claims to be pro science but anti vaxx.. go figure
Sateda: P3X you are at HLS most of maerica isn't that astute
Hyperion: I wonder...
Hyperion: I do consider that. And maybe I'm too much of an optimist. But I feel like people can smell phoniness.
Sateda: thats the problem with democracy.
Sateda: so it seems its just me and you P#X
Hyperion: And I feel like we generally agree. Too bad. I want a conversation with someone I disagree with! (Shouldn't be too hard since I'm happy to critique both parties!)
Tethys: So Democrats can be responsible for most of the COVID deaths, yet blame that on Trump. And then also be responsible for the shut-downs that crushed the American economy, and blame that on Trump too. Americans are so dumb if they fall for that.
Sateda: Czar Cuomo
Sateda: i wouldnt say most of COVID deaths but enough that its embarrassing that they arent held acocuntable
Orilla: Want to move to China
Sateda: Trump is a moron though
Sateda: Ross I sure hop eyou are joking
Tethys: Fair, Trump is indeed a moron
Sateda: pelosi is at fault for no stimulus package yet he takes the blame. What a joke
Sateda: Ross you mean the country that imprisons anyone who disagrees with them nd puts religious minorities in internment camps. The libs obsession with CHina is so hypocritcal
Hyperion: Trump is a terrible communicator though. He should never have said he's not negotiating anymore. He should have simply said the second part - "I'll sign a bill that has a 1200 stimulus check and nothing else the minute you bring it to my desk."
Sateda: China is one of the biggest human rights abusers in the world and libs are like "don't mess with china"
Sateda: P3X agreed hes a moron
Hyperion: Yes the China part is the height of hypocrisy. I don't even understand what the political interest is that motivates it.
Sateda: if he loses he has himself to blame
Luna: Don't call people morons. What happened to civil discussion????
Tethys: Almost all of the states that had the most COVID deaths are run by Democrats. I think if you are going to blame politicians at all for COVID deaths, it is fair to say Democrats are responsible for most of them.
Sateda: the dems stand for nothing other than opposing trump so if he is anti china they are pro china. If he is anti CHAZ they are pro CHAZ. if trump want such a moron they would lose and they would have to rethink that political strategy
Sateda: it is int uncivil to call someone a moron
Sateda: respectfully :)
Luna: Biden is running anit-China ads and Kamala said Trump not tough enough on China
Sateda: why no uproar on Uigyur Muslims
Hyperion: I think there's some truth to that but it is too cynical. If the GOP were to be pro choice the Dems wouldnt suddenly be pro life
Sateda: why not hold them accountable for the virus. (and trump and all the other politicians)
Luna: Lmao convince me anyone in America that isn't Muslim actually gives a shit about Uigyurs. Not saying that's good but come on
Sateda: Yeah joke was Trump nominated Biden for SCOTUS forcing them to accuse him of sexual harrassment
Sateda: Wolf exactly. thats a problem
Luna: Politicians will criticize treatment of Uigyurs and then take millions from Saudi
Sateda: Im no muslim but it bothers me tremendously that we don't hold them accountable
Luna: Not to mention a certain state in the Middle East's treatment of a certain Muslim minority
Sateda: Funny though. Most of america dont care about Muslims but how would that explain the Iranians and palistineans
Hyperion: This stuff about the virus drives me nuts too. Country not doing well under GOP president. States not doing well under Democratic governors. There is so much of this that was new. People made stupid mistakes but does anybody really believe that changing the party in charge in the states not doing well, or in the country generally, would make a difference?
Sateda: Wolf exactly. I think fair to say that China's treatment of Uigyurs is far worse than Israelis treatment of Palitineans yet which one is covered to a greater deal in the US
Sateda: Plaistineans arent in internment camps As far as I know
Sateda: P3X yeah not sure any politician would have done better. Hard to control pandemics
Luna: Israel obviously covered more but overwhelmingly pro-Israel. That may not align with liberal discourse at places like HLS but there is bipartisan support for Israel
Sateda: although nt having masks and not having testing early was a big deal
Sateda: that is true but that is changing now
Sateda: pro-israel I think it is challanging
Sateda: pro-solemani???? no way
Hyperion: Harris is dead wrong on the foreign policy here. I actually think Trump has been fantastic on foreign policy. Bring troops home. Make alliances with friendly countries and isolate rogue regimes. Show a willingness to negotiate but do so through strength. He got results that nobody else could. Foreign policy has been his greatest achievement bar none (economy was also great but I don't know how much of that is really him - with FP it's much clearer).
Tethys: Israeli Arabs have more rights than any other group of Arab citizens in the mid-east. They can vote in a democracy, criticize their government etc.
Sateda: Shhh triangulum
Luna: Genuine question - are the "serious brain injuries" just concussions? Not saying concussions aren't serious but if I got a purple heart for a concussion I'd consider myself pretty lucky
Sateda: not to say Israel is totally innocent though
Sateda: funny how she doesnt try cutting off Harris nearly as much as she does Pence.
Hyperion: Dakara that's what I meant by there being a "thank you" count lol
Luna: Just comes off as disingenuous criticism of a risky foreign policy move that actually ended up working out for US
Sateda: i guess he is going over time more than she is though
Armeria: Pence rides over the moderator. Is that a plus for him?
Tethys: What an insanely framed question
Sateda: Messier I dont think so
Beauclair: Harris doing something interesting - explaining what terms like "bounty" mean (and she did it once before in the debate I forgot what the term was).
Beauclair: It's a good move
Sateda: yeah i think so it peaks to the people
Tethys: These questions are so stupid. Roe is not going to be overturned. Why are these questions about hypotheticals that will never come to pass?
Sateda: because that is what campaigns are about
Sateda: COVID, taxes, COVID, taxes, COVID, taxes. It seems to be the debate here
Tethys: Here we go! A question the matters!
Tethys: Of course, it's not the moderator that asks it.
Sateda: of course why would the moderator ask it it makes her look bad
Sateda: still no answer
Pinwheel: We must stop teaching our police the ancient methods of kungfu
Sateda: police reform is needed
Sateda: fly on pences head
Pinwheel: Agreed just not sure karate holds is the line of attack Kamala should be taking
Sateda: fly still there
Sateda: yeah trump woofed there
Tethys: maybe he should catch the fly with chopsticks, karate kid style
Tethys: Love the moderator trying to make sure Harris' record does not come up
Luna: I'm going to vote so frickin hard
Mars: remember the fly that landed on Clinton in the presidential debate? What does it mean?!?
Tethys: Double rainbow all the way across the sky!
Sateda: best question of the night! from an 8th grader !!
Luna: I'd like to close this debate with a question from a literal child....
Sateda: yes! but its the question I want an answer to
Tethys: 8th grader: Why do politicians cast their opponents as evil? - Harris: Joe Biden joined the debate because Trump is a white supremicist
New Ironworks: Disappointed that Harris didn’t answer the question like pence did
Tethys: joined the race*
Sateda: yeah shocked harris couldnt even answer the question
Rakverelin: I don't actually believe anyone is undecided (between candidates) going into this election. Both Harris and Pence spoke to people who align with their beliefs. Harris, in particular, seemed to be speaking to young people and people who may be deciding whether to vote. I loved the way she broke concepts down and made it plain and simple. Wapping up her answers within her allotted time, rather than going over like Pence, made it easier to hear her points. At first I was wary of all the smiling and facial expressions, but Fox News spent the entire day before the election trying to paint her as angry and aggressive so she probably was trying to counter that narrative. This chat is so illuminating.
Rakverelin: With regard to answer questions, I don't think Pence answered most of the questions posed to him. Was there ever a clear answer on what is going to happen to people with pre-existing conditions since Trump is in court over the ACA? Was he convincing? I think he would have done better by sticking to his time limits. He came off as condescending and rude every time he told the moderator he was going to take more time. Then with all her thank you's his points were lost in the chaos anyways. Trump folks, was he effective/convincing to you?