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Sunflower: I see! We can say hello!
Sunflower: Now is that my name always?
Ganymede: hello there
Uranus: Within this active thread, your pseudonyms stay constant in the same browser!
Uranus: They are randomly assigned.
Uranus: If we started a new thread, you'd be given a new pseudonym.
Uranus: Anyone can participate in a discussion on an open thread -- you don't need an account.
Sunflower: Dramatic irony?
Felucia: I don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.
Ganymede: the mask is off
OP: disaster oe savior of democracy
Sunflower: I've been waiting for this moment since March, because I think i know how the irony engine of 2020 works.
Uranus: Too soon to know -- leaders like Johnson hadn't seeded as much doubt about the danger of the virus, and his support base didn't question its legitimacy as much
Uranus: more chaos
Sunflower: I don't want him to be ill—I don't want to wish ill on people—but it scares me that if he isn't sick it will tell people to dismiss it.
Ganymede: i don't want him to be too ill but I don want him to feel it a bit...
Uranus: Agreed, if he gets away with a mild case. It does seem that this was connected to a superspreader event, so even if his case is mild it's likely that someone in his near circle will have a case that's not
Felucia: Or if he recovers, he can say it was just like the flu