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Bremervoord: hello world
Hoags Object: very sad and interesting video
Mercury: feedback on threads: replies seem slightly delayed; threads move quickly
Earth: hello world
Houtborg: I thought class was great -- led me to rethink what the confrontation clause requires
Iapetus: Last week, I was pretty confused so I think this class session was helpful in clearing things up.
Neptune: @mercury - yes. very hard to type out your thoughts before the convo has moved on
Uranus: This class was awesome and I never took evidence
Titan: I thought the discussion on the swan case was really interesting today. It's a hard case to hear about because of the miscarriage of justice but an interesting discussion. I think having more discussion on threads and less on Zoom is a good idea!
Hoags Object: sometimes the awkwardness of people not speaking is funny idk how to help that
Langara: Today was much more clear, thank you!
Bremervoord: I was slightly less confused this class. Loving this class so much
Earth: yeah, i'm beginning to doubt if the confrontation clause is meant to confront an accuser so much as challenge evidence against oneself
Uranus: Today was definitely more clear
Earth: Like, in the wake of
Uranus: this class is AWESOME
Luna: Today was great
Yavin 4: Today really helped clear things up for me too
Titan: Also love this class and hoping for more videos/interesting case studies to discuss with the broader more abstract themes! Today was great
Gulet: Professor Nesson –can you explain what this article is attempting to say
Earth: In the wake of Raleigh, I thought confront, meant confrontation in the traditional sense - now I'm not sure if it means "present evidence in opposition of" but I could be just over thinking
Uranus: Yes it certainly added a lot to watch the video of the swan case and think about it as law students
Tyffi: Thank you also for making the debate night threads. I was surprised at how many republican voters there were.
Kashyyyk: i am rethinking the confrontation clause too and now have a different theory behind the underlying motivation of the clause! @earth
Uranus: however unfortunate that case was
Kashyyyk: great class professor
Earth: a former prof of mine used to say that we never get to see precisely what the jury saw, so its hard to critique a jurys decision from the outside
Uranus: I'm still confused about the confrontation clause, although not because of Professor butmore because I don't know what to make of it anymore
Uranus: Earth. Yes but "I know it when I see it"
Gulet: question for the class – is it not silly to think of a "confronter" and a "confrentee"
Earth: How many trump supporters vs non trumps, approximately, showed up
Gulet: isnt it the case that everyone plays both roles
Luna: confrenter, confrentee, and confetti
Gulet: and thats why it's so important
Uranus: yeah blackeye agreed
Uranus: And lets drink
Earth: and i think in traditional english, you say "I confronted him" or "She confronted me" - no distinction on confronter/confrontee - both are equal parties to the confrontation regardless who initiates
Gulet: im too depressed to drink
Uranus: Debates thread was intersting. Was interesting to see all the Trump voters come out of the woodwork. We should hear more in class from different perspectives. I actually just heard HLS started something called open inquiry. Anyone know anything about it?
Uranus: Blackeye, Its alright we all have our days
Uranus: Its funny I actually dont think there were any Trump supporters but I guess people who said they are voting for Trump
Gulet: I dont think its surprising that there are so many trump supporters but maybe im jus tripping – feel like people are voting for the party not the person and republicans are looking ahead
Uranus: Blackeye exactly
Gulet: either way most change happens at the lowest level of democracy right – the president isn't going to change Pol. brutality
Uranus: politics is now like sports. i am a fan and I will support the team no matter what. This goes to both parties
Uranus: Exactly. Prez cant do much about police brutality we have to intitaie change in the communities that bear the brunt
Uranus: which generally are communities of color.
Uranus: Am I the only one left here lol
Uranus: or are y'all just watching me ramble
Gulet: yeah but unfortunately nobody is willing to become a police officer right
Gulet: yeah im out pinwheel i gotta eat dinner
Uranus: Yeah its a hard balance. We need to respec tlaw enforcement but we also got to acknowledge that it is far from perfect.
Uranus: blackeye gn go have a drink