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Endor: I'd be interested in joining
P3X-888: Why don't we just have an optional threads conversation where you can participate if you want and not join if you're not interested?
Tigg: Yeah I like @P3X-888's idea about optional participation. I'm not sure everyone will be watching live.
Leyda: Optional participation seems ideal
Assengard: Agreed, unfortunately I have an obligation tomorrow evening that will prevent me from participating live
Neptune: no. watching with family will not have time to do threads
Dagobah: I think as long as some people are interested, it's worth it to create a threads space where those that ARE interested can join to discuss in nymity. I think nymity will be essential for this exercise
Mars: no harm in doing threads
Mars: you dont have to participate if you don't want to
Luna: would be interested, but should not be mandatory
Mars: its threads so nothing is mandatory
Lantea: there's no way of enforcing it anyway so i think the assumption was it being optional
Uranus: Will the debate be streamed free online? If so, I think a threads discussion would be fun
Saturn: I would be interested!
Mars: @sunflower exactly
Belhaven: Don't know if I'll participate but I will definitely read the thread
Tollana: I'd be interested in this debate discussion. It will be like a class twitter discussion.
Titan: I'd love to see what people have to say during the debate. Uncaged opinions? I'm down.
OP: We will meet in a private room: Trump-Biden Debate.