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Luna: Many people had raised hands when we went to cold calling. It might be good to have someone monitoring that function when Professor Nesson can't. The threads discussion, and the timing of it, was helpful for me. I'm not sure how others experienced it.
Centaurus A: too many people keep their cameras off and don't speak during breakout rooms
Geonosis: The harmonious use of all measures of communication worked really well today. I found it not necessary and humbling when the Professor apologized at the beginning of class.
Geonosis: I also would appreciate if the hand raise function could be monitored more closely.
Daevon: More and more people are saying that Gaia and Anthony are two of the best TAs at Harvard Law School. Maybe any law school. Absolutely fantastic.
Carreras: I am glad the roll call was discontinued, it was taking up too much of class. I like that the breakthrough rooms are bigger to better protect nymnity.
Rigil Kentaurus: Very thought-provoking.
Moon: I think the cold calling was unnecessary. I don't think cold calling fosters good discourse, especially when so many people had their hands up. Would strongly prefer no cold calling moving forward
Rigil Kentaurus: I'm with moon. No need for cold calling anyone over someone who actually wants to speak say something. Also, so what if someone does not speak up in the breakout room? I rather have genuine conversation than forcing someone to move their lips and making sounds for the sake of doing it. We can't all have opinions about everything.
Eysenlaan: I like cold calling personally. The Socratic method ensures opinions, attitudes and biases are tested and analyzed more objectively without the constant virtue and value signaling common in non-Socratic classrooms. It fosters the discussion and exploration of honestly held and even incomplete views without being drowned out by the noise of a rehearsed, vocal minority
Daevon: If we did cold calling today to replace roll call as a sort of attendance-by-proxy, then I would prefer cold calling rather than going back to roll call.
Mars: I disagree with the "the noise of a rehearsed, vocal minority" sentiment
Mars: but I didn't mind the cold calling at all