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Whirlpool: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Saturn: heyyyyy ;)
Betelgeuse: I really liked entering into breakout rooms.
Altair: I really enjoyed the topic of today's discussion, but I did not like starting out in the breakout rooms. I enjoyed having the full group to form an idea and then going into the breakout room.
Hoags Object: Breakout rooms are great, but I also prefer a little group discussion first
Hoags Object: Great and engaging topic!
Venus: don't mean any disrespect but I didnt think it was quite appropriate to try to get someone to speak up on their opinion in the breakout room when we came into the whole group
Milky Way: Agree 100%
Neptune: Agree with Sateda
Venus: just think that wont lead to meaningful discussion
Phobos: agree with sateda
Vega: I agree too
Vartburg: I loved today's discussion, and I would appreciate a little more explicit discussion on how these topics of venue change, reasonable doubt, and jury nullification interweave. And so I really appreciated Gaia's final comment summarizing the relationships between these concepts!
Venus: Also – dont think we're really anonymous when we go from a 6-7 person breakout zoom into threads. It's usually the people that arent speaking up that have different opinions and then it becomes too easy to destroy the purpose of anonymity
Venus: Perhaps we could join a threads group as a class or figure out a way to be in a different threads group than the group we just zoomed in
Hosnian Prime: I loved the discussion and felt like I learned a lot today, but I do feel like this is one of the more echo chamber like classes I've been in. I feel like any discussion is met with a lot of biting-of-heads-off and ad hominem-y admonishment and chastising
Whirlpool: Another great class. Professor Nesson has done it again. Best part breakout rooms. Worst part roll call. And yet another fruitful discussion on threads.
Io: strong discussion today. I wonder how/if jury selection and change of venue play similar roles
Cloud City: Class was great. I like the interplay for breakout rooms and threads. Fascinating how people come out of their shell when there is no camera pointing at them. I'm not a fan of people "calling out" others to share their view from the breakout room. I just think it does not add much to the class. I also don't like it when someone posts "if you don't think this is obviously wrong, then you are full of it." This does not create an environment that welcomes a healthy discussion. If I have a different opinion, convince me that I'm wrong instead of leading off with the idea that I can only be wrong.
Hosnian Prime: Agreed, cloud city
Pinwheel: I appreciate the effort invested in experimenting with different approaches to remote learning. I do think that a few minutes of discussion before starting breakout rooms would be helpful.
Luyten 726-8B: I'd like to learn more about jury selection...understanding how jurors are initially picked & how voir dire works would help me understand how things like nullification and change of venue play into trial strategy/outcome
Yavin 4: I really appreciate discussing Rodney King and the fact that this is an ongoing history of white supremacy in our nation. But I'm not entirely sure about the pedagogical value of the discussion topic, particularly its emotional impact on Black students to have to engage with it during this time especially (and generally). It's not as easy to speak on these hypos in the same capacity as people who might not feel like their lived experience is directly impacted by the subject. I think though that even discussing this topic is huge at HLS, and I really thank Nesson for devoting this course to discussing racism specifically and I hope the course continues that distinct focus.
Altair: I think it is so important that we continue to have conversations like these. I second Yavin 4 - thank you Professor Nesson for creating the space to have these conversations and for allowing us to interact with one another on the topic. We are all adults and are bound to have disagreements.
Messier 83: No more roll call