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Centaurus A: Hello :)
Vega: Getting the bottom of my feet tickled against my will
Ahch-To: Motivation. Although my living situation is secure, I find it much more difficult to be productive working at home rather than at a library or coffee shop. Last semester took work.
Venus: Not being able to have an enjoyable 3L due to the virtual nature of this semester (socially, academically, etc.)
Rigil Kentaurus: My biggest fear for this coming semester is managing to work remotely. I hate staring at a screen a whole day and zoom class makes it necessary.
Mercury: I am concerned that I will not have the technical expertise to understand the readings fully and contribute to classroom discussion because I have not taken the evidence course in law school. Since class is recorded, I am concerned that statements could be taken out of context and publicized on social media after graduation, which has been threatened by students.
Iapetus: One of my biggest fears deals with imposter syndrome. Trying to keep up with talented individuals while still staying above water. All this while dealing with the impacts of COVID.
Tollana: I think that my biggest fear is *confusing* what the law is with what the law should be (?). Sometimes I find myself (not all the time) but sometimes I find myself learning the letter of the law and seeing the merit behind it, but then not being keen to the drawbacks of the law. That being said, I want to be able to assess the good and the bad and engage in meaningful dialogue with my classmates. :-)
Pont Vanis: My biggest fear is leading a solitary, unfulfilling life without having done anything to meaningfully improve the lives of others.
Armeria: I am enjoying class on Zoom but wonder whether we will be able to re-create the interactive rapport that comes so naturally in an in-person setting. I also find that it is much more difficult to sit still and stare at a screen for 2 hours than it is to be in person. I hope we will be able to have a couple of stretching breaks every so often!
Carcano: My biggest fear generally is that something will happen to compromise my health or the health of one of my family members/friends. My biggest fear about the semester is that I will lose interest in attending law school online and will not give the excellent courses I am enrolled in their due/will not learn as much as I could have or should have.
Onderon: My biggest fear right now is the state of the country. There are so many things happening every day that seems to be affecting routines, how we may have regularly coped with things. But also there seems to be a growing restlessness, sometimes rightfully so, and other times, seemingly the result of wanting to halt change.
Io: getting caught up in all the strangeness and stress of Covid and Zoom HLS and forgetting to relax and live in the moment
Barnards Star: My biggest fear is that i'll get coronavirus because people won't wear masks and they won't let me take the vaccine
Sunflower: Fear of not being recognized for a major contribution.
Milky Way: My biggest fear looking ahead to the next few months is finding a way to still be connected with my classmates and still enjoying law school this way
Vorash: living a mediocre, mundane life
Moon: My biggest fear is that Donald Trump will win a second term as US president, and that my 3 years in law school, learning to operate within a system of laws will be for naught, as his administration has demonstrate a preference for nepotism and disregard for the law.
Centaurus A: Definitely one of my biggest fears is COVID-19 and whether anyone in my family will fall ill because it of it. It's hard to have any sort of comfort, especially for those of them who cannot work remotely. I also fear for the state of our world and whether we will be able to achieve social and environmental justice in the wake of what's happening.
Sullust: My biggest fear is the safety of my family
Kashyyyk: My biggest fear is that I die of COVID-19
Starkiller Base: loneliness
Armeria: Betelgeuse - I wish you could express your sentiments without making polarizing political statements.
Moon: I wish we had a president that respected human life
Barnards Star: I wish our public health leaders would recognize that vaccines should be deployed faster with less data in times of crisis #freethevaccines
Rigil Kentaurus: Betelgeuse - do you really believe that your law degree will be worthless if trump wins again? I'm not a fan of his at all but that seems a bit off.
Moon: Depends on how you define worth ... will I still be able to make money, sure... will I still be able to effect change through the system which we have trained - possibly not
Barnards Star: Donald Trump is a historically bad president so much so that criticism leveled at him should not be considered political. However, in fairness, the institutional strength of America is such that law degrees certainly will not be worthless even from a money perspective or from a change perspective
Rigil Kentaurus: well said Abydos
Moon: I hope your optimistic take is correct Abydos :)
Armeria: "Donald Trump is a historically bad president so much so that criticism leveled at him should not be considered political." Approximately half the country disagrees. It is definitely political.
Barnards Star: tbf thats not true at all, his coalition is far less than half of the country and is fairly rigid, that's an idealized vision of politics that isn't borne by reality
Vega: Which half are you on Armeria?
Kashyyyk: If you have to ask...
Moon: Less than 20% of the US population voted for Donald Trump in 2016
Armeria: I'm an independent trying to take a class in evidence and frustrated by the fact that given the first opportunity to connect we descend into polarizing partisanship.
Barnards Star: almost certainly you're not an independent, you're one of the people who calls themselves an independent but votes consistently for the same party, which is statistically most people who call themselves independents in America
Moon: The question was biggest fear. You politicized it
Vorash: group 1 do we have a different thread to debate the move in forum for the boston bomber or do we talk in this one?
Ahch-To: Can't a biggest fear be a political one?
Creyden: Of course - politics inspire lots of emotions. There's almost no question or context for which one could not find a way to relevantly insert political views. The question isn't whether inserting political views is relevant – it’s whether it is appropriate or productive in this setting.