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Triangulum: nesson i love you!!!!
Oberon: Thank you!
Procyon A: this first class was great!
Langara: Great class! I particularly liked using the breakout room function. I think that it allows for more deep and thoughtful discussion than with the class as a whole.
Blackeye: Fun first class
Yavin 4: Nesson is the best professor at Harvard!!
Whirlpool: I think your passion is palpable and I would really love to hear more about how you got into anti-racism and what you think we should be doing to get fairer trials. thank you!
Uranus: Charles Nesson you are truly a wonderful human! Thank you!
Hoags Object: Nesson is the Michael Jordan of law school professors no cap
Rigel: Enjoyed the breakout rooms and the threads discussion. The threads website seems a bit slow - can berkman fix that? Having a bit of lecture from the Prof is also good, I like that he framed the discussion and started things off for us
Neptune: Nesson you are the Lebron James of law school, don't let anybody tell you you're MJ
Hochebuz: I appreciated that we named racism at the outset and that this is a slave nation. I think the breakout room could have had more direction, and I'm not sure if individually created definitions of racism that root themselves in skin tone, accurately depicts the issue.
Altair: Very excited for the class and this was a great way to start off the virtual semester. I'm excited to get into this issue on a deeper and hopefully look at it from a somewhat more unconventional perspective. Threads also seems great though it did get a little laggy when we were all trying to post.
Montecalvo: I appreciate your patience with us and your adeptness with the technology. You are much better with it than you gave yourself credit for. I also appreciate the use of threads in class—it helped me feel like I could respond honestly and make mistakes to learn from without the added pressure of possible judgment. I would have liked 4 minutes to write, rather than three, but I understand that might not be possible. Thank you for such a thoughtful introduction to this course.
Mercury: Thank you for starting off your class with a conversation about race and racism.I think discussion ?s for breakout rooms would be helpful.
Kernow: great class! Next time i think the discussion groups could be more productive if we got a prompt first
Jupiter: Nesson is awesome. Really enjoyed the breakout groups. I think something worth considering is keeping groups together for some period of time. It usually takes a bit of time to break through the zoom awkwardness in a group.
Barnards Star: Professor Nesson did a great job of making us feel comfortable! I really enjoyed my breakout room discussion. I'm also hoping we do just a little bit of background perhaps on the 6th Amendment and some doctrine, just so we have a bit of a baseline for ou broader discussions.
Starkiller Base: I don't believe it's possible to discuss fair jury trials without discussing racism. thank you for centering there.
Tethys: Thank you for a great first class! I really like the combination of Threads and discussion over Zoom
Stygga: Enjoyed the breakout rooms - would love to have some of these conversations in the larger group as well (with the topics, not discussions, directed by the professor). Would also love some background on 6th amendment. Otherwise Nesson you're better with tech than you think!
Wolf 359: Thank you for a great class discussion! I enjoyed the breakout rooms and the use of threads. I look forward to the semester!
Andromeda: I like the idea of the breakout room, and I think it has a lot of potential, but most of the people did not seem very interested in participating. More direction as to what we might want to discuss in the breakout rooms would be helpful, and maybe some incentive to participate. Thank you for a great class.
Crait: great first class and i enjoyed the break out rooms
Tridam: Thanks for the first class. A little more direction in the breakout rooms might be helpful.
Rigil Kentaurus: This class is good. Threads is a great idea that will allow students to think freely and critically.
Tridam: Seconded. Threads is a great idea, would be nice to bring some of what is discussed in Threads to the full class.
Glevitzingen: Loved the class. For those of us who are less familiar with juries, it would be nice to have some foundation.
Takodana: Huge fan of threads & actual discussions. Really looking forward to this class
Vole: I really appreciate your use of technologies like Threads and Zoom breakout rooms. Looking forward to the rest of the semester!