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Tethys: Not being good enough, or perhaps not unlocking my fullest potential. Disappointing myself and others.
Mygeeto: Any interaction with the police.
Altair: My biggest fear is having work that is not fulfilling because I haven't figured out my passion or figured out a way to pursue it.
Sateda: Honestly, I fear a general state of unhappiness. Being a practicing attorney is an intense lifestyle. As much as I am passionate about my career, I want to have time to spend at home with my family and taking care of myself.
Ahch-To: Not being able to do enough in my lifetime to help move this society in a direction that is more inclusive, more understanding, and more willing to shed racist/xenophobic/homophobic/transphobic ideologies.
Celestis: My biggest fear is being so focused on certain, future goals that I neglect present happiness. I'm trying to be more aware of how my programmed desire for productivity interferes with my ability relax and enjoy the present moment.
Blackeye: I'm afraid that I'll go through life never having done anything to counter my tremendous laziness, and that I'll just marinate in my own stagnation until I'm ultimately a failure and a disappointment.
Crait: I'm excited that we'll be talking about racism's impact on the law. However, I've experienced a lot of racism in Harvard Law School classrooms, and I am afraid that those experiences will be repeated and amplified on days that we are explicitly asked to talk about race.
Lantea: I'm terrified that regardless of who gets elected in November, there will be an uprising fueled by political partisanship and racism.
Phobos: Not having a job that pays the bills and that I enjoy (or at least can tolerate).
Ariel: My biggest fear right now is that I'll have a legal career that I don't like, where I'm not following my passion of advocating for equal justice for marginalized folks. And relatedly, that my job takes over my identity. I fear the eroding of boundaries between personal identity and work priorities/accomplishments.
Oberon: My biggest fear is becoming complicit in the system as a beneficiary of many of the institutional inequalities that I am passionate about dismantling. I also fear burn-out and becoming more generally pessimistic about our ability to improve the world we live in for the most marginalized communities.
Darn Dyffra: Unwittingly hurting people through my own privilege, prejudices, and ignorance
Brenna: Not being happy. Making the wrong career and personal choices and feeling stuck.
Jupiter: that I will end up working at a law firm / having to practice law and be miserable. Losing my parents who are older / them not seeing me finally reach stability and get rid of these oppressive loans, and finally pivot into a career where I'm happy.
Jakku: Economic insecurity.
Milky Way: My biggest fear is failing to return the love in family or friend relationships sufficiently until it is too late.
Neptune: I'm really not interested in legal courses that are not doctrinal. I generally like learning rules and not paying attention to critiques of the law, as I generally want to know the law first. I fear that I let this idea overtake me again this year in this class and others and I fail to pay attention to these important conversations since I will most likely not be exposed to these ideas in the practical workplace
Uranus: Trump declares victory on election night based on the in-person votes, he destroys all mail-in ballots, and we spiral into civil war
Starkiller Base: That there's nothing I can do to change anything for the better, and/or that any attempts I make to "do good" are tainted by arrogance+a need to be seen as a "good person" and will only make things worse.
Wolf 359: My biggest fear is ending up in any sort of job for a long period of time where I feel unfilled and/or bored
Io: Failure and a massive upheaval in the fish supply chain.
Pinwheel: Four more years of war waged on democracy
Caelf: I find it difficult to isolate my biggest fear going forward because there are so many problems to take into account right now. I am scared of losing a family member or loved one to COVID-19 and of contracting it myself. I am scared for my cousins who are Black men and are always at risk of facing police violence, etc. Perhaps my biggest fear is finding out just how bad things can get in this country with totally inadequate leadership, as it encompasses many of the problems I worry about today.
Rigel: biggest fear living a mediocre existence. Who wants to just exist in space when you could be impact and matter.
DQar: Not succumbing to the meaningless pursuit of wealth, power and honors
Dakara: I fear that unrest will lead to life of fear. Fear will result in lack of realizing dreams. Lack of realizing dreams will hamper peoples' enjoyment and the American dream will be lost.
Onderon: The inexorable march toward death.
Lower Posada: My biggest concern going forward is accurately identifying the path to take in my career that will be the right fit for me and that will allow for me to engage in work that I find meaningful and engaging long-term
Acorn Bay: That I will abandon my passion and end up focusing on the urgent, but less important stuff around me
Umbriel: Discovering conclusively that nothing matters and that I wasted the time in which I could have been blissfully ignorant rather than searching for meaning.
Luyten 726-8B: My biggest fear is not making a difference in our world.
Chulak: I am by no means a tough guy. I try to be sometimes but my 5'8 frame and lack of any discernable toughness does not really allow me to be. That being said, I'm not really afraid of anything generally. Shit happens in life, so I'll take it one day at a time. I guess what I'm most afraid of right now is Coronavirus - not for myself though. Everyone in family is at risk - so just trying o be aware of things i can do to mitigate damages.
Rakverelin: I am afraid of failure. Not just academic failure – far from it. The constant guilt of feeling like I am not doing enough to support my loved ones, the push-pull between putting myself first out of necessity but also fearful that taking care of myself is selfish. I am fearful of the loss of loved ones. I am fearful of being in academic spaces virtually, occupied by pedagogy, while Black people are dying and a pandemic is ravaging through the nation. I am fearful about mental health in digital/physical materiality, about preserving myself in order to not lose myself. I am fearful that creative visions for the future will be blocked by reactionary impulses of the present.
Hyperion: Paying $100,000 to learn the law online for 4.5/6 semesters while I'm at HLS
Coruscant: I fear that I won’t find happiness and fulfillment in life. This means working towards goals that I don’t believe are laudable, either personally or in terms of their effect on others. It means not having the time to enjoy those “passions” that matter most to me. And it means losing the curiosity and interest in a wider world that has so long sustained me.
Takodana: Only that my external characteristics will overshadow my internal merit.
Tigg: Making sure I find what drives me
Iapetus: Being at the end of my life and feeling that I either did not live authentically or that I did not take full advantage of this absurd and beautiful opportunity.