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Sunflower: I like the idea that a jury would be composed of "peers." A subject's peers are likely to understand the subject's social context, and more likely to be able to evaluate that subject's actions *within* that context. The further geographically/socially removed a person is from a subject, the less that person could be considered a "peer." As such, a jury of true peers would be a jury of geographically and socially proximate individuals. Thus, I would be opposed to a change of venue.
Oberon: I don't believe the jury should be changed to another city outside Boston. I believe he should be tried in Boston for the crime he committed.
Ganymede: It might be a good idea to move it, to where there is less hot emotion, though the amount of media coverage is probably almost the same elsewhere in Massachusetts. Also, there might be some value in having it tied to the scene of the event.
Centaurus A: Tsarneav should be given a change of venue in MA if the case is retried. Life in prison or the death penalty should be retried in that new venue as well.
Moon: In the interest of fairness for the defendant, I feel another trial should be granted that takes place in a different jurisdiction than the original trial. It is likely, given the nature of the crime the defendant may have been the victim of bias upon finding him guilty...
Lothal: No, he should be tried and sentenced here in Boston.