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OP: Hi! Welcome to VAN 2020. What are your hopes for this semester's class? How are you feeling about remote learning? We can share concerns, challenges, desires here... all pseudonymously.
Lantea: i'm really looking forward to this class. it seems pretty different from other listings in course 9. i'm curious how the home studios are gonna work out
Gors Velen: Also curious on what kind of materials will be provided, (wondering if I getting other art materials will be helpful for this class)
Alderaan: Is there any knowledge that would be helpful to get the most out of this course? Also curious about studio too
Lantea: where is everyone taking the course from? i'm here in cambridge
OP: hi Gors, soon we'll post on the vision site a list of materials that will be in the packages (things like vellum, clips to hold materials, RGB bulbs). You shouldn't need to get other materials to start, but feel free if there are things you want to experiment with!) As the semester progresses, we'll discuss ways for the studio to order + send you other materials you'd like for your projects and experimentation.
Ross 248: Hi there :) can we integrate little trees and the great outdoors?
Onderon: Hi! Do you already have our addresses for shipping the materials? I'm not sure if mine is up-to-date
OP: @Betelgeuse: no, don't have your addresses! We'll ask you for those after day 1 of class.
Murivel: hi everyone. yes, please, let us integrate little trees and the great outdoors in learning to see our seeing. A note about the studio: especially early in the semester, the camera will be our shared, monocular eye. By carefully controlling the input to this eye (whether by studying leaves in sunlight or shining a flashlight through a cut hole in paper), we will isolate and examine the most fundamental structures of visual perception. careful reduction of camera input will pronounce the contribution of perception. in this way, remote studio is an opportunity for vision art and science.
Saturn: Can we see past year's projects for inspiration?
OP: yes! here are a few: we'll share more in our studio demos.
Starkiller Base: Can we access the slides used in today's presentation?
Starkiller Base: Can we access the slides used in today's presentation?
OP: Yes! all slides will be posted, and a summary of the logistics we discuss. We're not recording this class because of personal intros :) we'll discuss our needs and comfort with respect to recording as a group.
Asuras: Thank you!