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Utapau: good morning
Triton: I had to refresh the page for the thread to show up
Proteus: each of us speaks from behind a mask.
Proteus: we fear trolls.
Takodana: ability to remake one's identity, for better or worse
Utapau: as a leader, you may feel threatened from loss of control/accountability; as a writer, you may feel empowered for vanishing hierarchy
Asuras: If you're dealing with imposter syndrome or you are the only or among a few minorities in a class this can provide a space to express ideas freely. A concern is the potential for people to engage in "trolling" or abusive online behaviour
Dathomir: do you find the mask freeing?
Mahasim: less pressure to speak or not speak
Triton: learning how to use this space positively
Centaurus A: false attribution/misinformation
Europa: Lack of accountability is a concern
Altair: skilled facilitation is required
Dathomir: what does community norm-setting look like in pseudonymous space to address harmful behavior?
Proteus: @altair yes on skilled facilitation.
Takodana: accountability seems to be harder as space becomes larger
Triton: how to create community accountability
Proteus: use the tool for feedback
Proteus: everyone gets to say just what's on their mind
Dathomir: if someone crosses a community line here, what happens to the whole group?
Dathomir: where does accountability lie?
Proteus: and everyone sees what's on everyone else's mind
Europa: Agreed. False attribution could be potentially very harmful (x wrongly accused of y) and I'm not sure it could ever be resolved without all people being named
Takodana: @dathomir, good question
Utapau: i like the quiet thinking time afforded in writing
Proteus: accountability lies with each participant. the whole exercise is one of building community citizenship.
Takodana: does the group engage in communal resolution of conflict?
Europa: Do the affordances outweigh the risks?
Asuras: clear set of community values
Europa: I like that you become the value of your comment or idea
Dathomir: that's my favorite part
Utapau: yes agreed
Takodana: but that value is fleeting
Europa: How is it fleeting?
Takodana: your last thought is always overtaken by the next comment
Dathomir: yes, need better threading (UI development)
Dathomir: can also pose different topics on the left: different chat rooms, per se
Takodana: with more participants, seems harder to maintain a "thread" as it were
Dathomir: I think the idea that "I don't care what people think, I'll say what I want" (in a face to face environment) is one with roots in an unequal distribution of power
Triton: ability to agree (upvote?) or disagree (downvote?)
Europa: Also, it creates a space where people can experience contributing and, at times, have those contributions be well-received and built on, perhaps scaffolding that person to a place where they eventually feel comfortable speaking out in the class. In a sense, it's "exposure" therapy.
OP: +++++ agreed
Triton: Thank you! It was great to learn more about this tool and think together about how we might be able to utilize it across Harvard
Europa: This was a wonderful meeting in so many ways -- everyone spoke, there were clear take-aways and next steps, and time was kept. Thank you all!
Altair: Thank you, all!
Takodana: Thanks to the CLIF team for thinking so creatively about how to conceive of communication across the harvard community
Takodana: and for being open to experimentation