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Utapau: are we waiting to respond at the same time?
Murivel: what is Chatham House Rule?
Hosnian Prime: From Wikipedia; When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. Sometimes the reference is made to Chatham House rules.
Triton: can anyone explain what this is
Vega: i don't know what this thread is for
Asuras: I am fine with being quoted outside this space, but am happy to respect the Chatham house rules with regard to other members. As a general matter, I think there's something nice about not quoting: if you're moved by an idea that someone expresses, you can simply state the idea outside of class without attaching a name to it. The idea stands for itself. It's essential to the quest for truth that reputation does not becloud relevance,
Pinwheel: Seems context specific. For certain conversations yes and for others no.
OP: To share thoughts on whether we want to agree on Chatham house rules for the conversation in today's class -- e.g. are we agreeing not to share the identity of a speaker if we share their comments outside of this class
Utapau: It is an interesting assumption to assume people want to remain anonymous. If everything is anonymous and yet quoted, brilliant insight is not credited where credit is due
Asuras: Credit shouldn't matter if we're trying to reach joint clarity
OP: You are free to identify yourself in threads, by signing your name after your message ~ Sarah
Sullust: I think the Rule is contrary to any honest and informative social and intellectual discourse-specifically in the academic realm.
Vega: i am not in favor because i want people to be open with what they wanna say
Luna: I don't really feel the need to not have my own identity revealed, but it could have value in people affording more weight to the statements of people who are not well known.
Mars: I too am willing to respect the Chatham House Rules with regard to other members of class. I think knowing our respective thoughts will not be attributed to us outside of the class could be liberating, and could change how people choose to express themselves
Hosnian Prime: It feels like these discussions will be ruled by the rules we've subconsciously established throughout classes so far, and making a decision here is not going to change how people participate or how they take information away from class