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Uranus: same username?
Vorash: Yes. Nice to have access later
Uranus: no different
Messier 83: sure why not
Venus: Sure, why non
Uranus: agree recording is fine
Sun: SuRe WhY NoT
Dillingen: Eh, not sold on how necessary it is
OP: Will it change the nature of what's said?
Uranus: Ah, democracy problem!
Vorash: our in person classes were recorded usually for all classes in law school. For the same reasons, I think this can be recorded. Especially when use of it is limited.
Langara: I'm okay with it either way
Altair: i'm recording this record
Andromeda: okay either way
Orilla: This is not going to be an overly personal conversation. I have no issue with it being recorded
Altair: yesh on both
Sunflower: me too - it would be beneficial for those who couldn't make it to this class for personal reasons
Red Binduga: Recording is fine.
Andromeda: most classes are recorded by default as a favor to the students, for review purposes.
Saturn: I would rather not record this session. I am not sure what service be served by doing so.
Umbriel: Recording is appropriate so long as we aware we are being recorded.
Onderon: I'm fine with it being recorded.
Mars: I think it would benefit those who could not join class for personal reasons or having a poor internet connection to record the class, so long as everyone is aware that it is being recorded
Sirius A: Recording is fine and should we all turn on the camera?
Andromeda: this class is unique, because no exam, so the reasons for recording may be less, but as a matter of principle i have no issue with it to remain the default
Belhaven: I think recording can be very beneficial if you missed an important point in class. People zone out, lets be real.
Luyten 726-8B: I am okay with this class session being recorded, for the benefit of students who are unable to join the live class.
Kaer Morhen: I can see the necessity of recording when it comes to the situation which we are in now. There are people who need to be able to continue their education but with the situation they are in need to view things at different times
Messier 83: i think recording is fine, we are kind of used to it with most of our law classes, however i think it's okay because we have a heads up
Sirius A: I am fine with the camera as long as my internet allows..
Io: recording is beneficial for those who could not join class today
Phobos: I don't really mind
Kerack: I agree that recording is a good idea to allow members who miss the live session to watch it in rerun
Milky Way: shouldn't be any different than recording classes and posting them on panopto
Rhea: I think recording the class is fine.
Triangulum: It's no different than panopto.
Red Binduga: I personally enjoy rewatching all these classes later, so please do record.
Ahch-To: I'm okay with recording.
Sateda: I agree with all that recording is fine if everyone else is alright with it.
Ahch-To: My computer heats up so much even with camera off. I know people with older computers can't even get it to work with this big class of a class.
Ahch-To: So recording may be the only way for those to see it