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OP: Good afternoon! Try saying hello here to test the system.
Loc Muinne: Ok checking this out
Loc Muinne: interesting -- so I don't pick my own username?
Loc Muinne: and my username changes from comment to comment...
Ross 248: hey everyone
Loc Muinne: right username it is staying the same
Venus: #BlackeyeBoizzz
Uranus: Recording: I think recording is a good idea, if only to allow members who can't make a given session to watch it in "re-run"
Hyperion: Why no both?
Hyperion: I think they are related, and interwoven
Mercury: Distinction between "to confront" and "to be confronted with" in language of the Sixth Amendment.
Crinfrid: In my opinion, the first point (that Raleigh is arguing that he has a right to confront the claim before it gets to a jury) seems to be what he is making a bigger deal about. He argues that the fact that he must respond to a claim from an anonymous, secret person is the problem. He must come before a jury and prove his innocence when his guilt is presumed by virtue of an anonymous tip.
Starkiller Base: i think Raleigh knew who wrote the affidavit, so anonymity wasn't so much the issue.
Chulak: is it possible for Prof. Nesson to continue this class session into tomorrow? It seems like this discussion is better suited for a 2-day discussion considering we took a significant amount of time learning the technology.
Tollana: @Vartburg: Yes, Prof. Nesson is available. Thank you for asking.