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Mustafar: Yes. I am in!
Anchor: Can we link to canvas here?
Hoags Object: Hi all, that was great. Thank you so much for organisation and for the privilege of participating. I think it would be fantastic to also internationalise this more - I am sure we could build a large international audience who might well be interested in picking up and vocally commenting on this ridiculous situation. When I spoke, I mentioned our general sense of the good reputation due the SDNY - despite some of the exceptions to that which I am sure my legally qualified friends on the call could better comment on than I can - but this general good reputation of SDNY extends well beyond the US to many corrupted places in the world. This is because NY is seen as a jurisdiction in which the corrupt are held to account - from time to time - and I think people, especially those working on anti-corruption efforts around the world, will be profoundly shocked by these issues. Would it not be interesting to see if we could get some of those to gradually join in calls. I could start by linking up with Nigerian diaspora and seeing whether they might wish to join the next call. Some of them are lawyers and studying to be lawyers in the UK, Nigeria and elsewhere.