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OP: Yay, Fern's back! Welcome back, Fern!
Tatooine: Very sorry to Adam, but I didn't understand anything. No personal criticism, of course, it's just too philosophical for me.
New Ironworks: I actually would love to hear more about Adam's work as I am fascinated by this subject
Tethys: I wanna talk about jury selection
Tethys: and peremptory challenges and all that
Mercury: Yay, impeachment!
Mercury: Senate jury!
Mercury: Impeachment!
Tollana: Mitch McConnell should go to jail for perjury given that he just swore an oath to do impartial justice and he has promised to be the pawn of the president
Milky Way: Am I the only one who didn't know his middle name is John.. that's the wildest part of this to me so far.
OP: This class is memorable! We will never forget where we were on the first day of trial!
Orilla: I wanna talk about peremptory challenges and stuff too, idk about anyone else but how things legitimately work is barely even clear to me
Fox Hollow: Odd to see McConnell sign an oath of "impartial justice" when he has previously stated that he is in "total coordination" with the White House
Blackeye: i just learned that appertaining is a word. its just pertaining with an unnecessary syllable. thanks Chief Justice.
Vega: Also wild is the lack of diversity among the senate...let's talk about that too
Yavin 4: Justice Roberts was visibly shaking
Blackeye: @Vega yep.
Darn Ruach: Roberts nervous AF
Ban Ard: milky way i was DYING that his middle name is just john and not jonathan
Darn Ruach: he'd probably do a better job if he had that dank kush
Pinwheel: @Yavin 4 yes, wow that paper was shaking like a leaf. Wonder what he is so nervous about.
Tollana: Roberts is like why I gotta do this I want to get back to my work ruining American democracy, gutting the VRA, and tricking people into thinking i'm a moderate :'(
OP: Is there really a senator called Crap-O?
Pinwheel: Why do they all look the same?
Europa: I wish the formality and history of this moment would weigh on Senators. But, I'm not naive enough to think it will.
Yavin 4: @Pinwheel The gravity of the moment, I guess?
Orilla: Sure doesn't seem to be weighing on us very much
Tollana: It's such shit that some of these Senators were elected in 2014
Darn Rowan: @Fox Hollow I agree with you.
Pinwheel: I feel like they are all signing the guestbook at a local youth hostel
OP: Oh, how Crap-O must have suffered in elementary school!
Ross 248: It is noticeable that most senators are so OLD.
Europa: Do we have to watch the entire signing?
Tollana: Is this the first time you all have seen Senators?? Ya, they're all old white guys lmfao
Polaris: i want to be the person who hands senators a pen. looks like a sweet gig
Blackeye: who is paying this woman to pick up a pen and turn it around to hand to someone 100 times?
Ross 248: Crapo is actually his name! I googled it.
Triton: Flicha da wrist
Ross 248: enen the women are old white guys?
Darn Rowan: Don't they have electronic signing system?
Polaris: "guys, it's pronounced cray-po"
Tethys: it's a hard job. could get carpal tunnel
Fox Hollow: Only 99 Senators will be present, as Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma is in his home state for a family medical emergency
Foam: someone get her some hand sanitizer
Tethys: can you imagine being the senator that missed the impeachment trial
Orilla: I think I saw McConnell write "McCONnell", a sign of good things to come
OP: @Polaris, I bet that is how Crap-O ASKED the Senate staff to call him. But we shouldn't give a Crap-O!
Tollana: During the impeachment trail of Bill Clinton, they gave each Senator a commemorative pen but they SPELLED "United" in "United States" as UNTIED
Tethys: that pen is prob covered in fecal matter
Yavin 4: @Fox Hollow I don't feel bad that Inhofe is missing
OP: Wait, isn't everyone here in favor of Jury Nullification? And isn't this what McConnell wants to do? So, shouldn't everyone in the class cheer McConnell?
Tollana: I think people are in favor of jury nullification when they believe the defendant hasn't done something wrong
Pinwheel: @Tollana it certainly is UNTIED states though!
Sunflower: anyone seen mr robot? now would be the perfect time for bull testicles to fall through the ceiling
Ross 248: @Tollana is that a joke -- or a wonderful pun?
Polaris: yall, that smile is consistent with each pass. that's showbiz baby
Foam: lol i support jury nullification in this case in so far as it reveals the farce the whole thing is
Tethys: OP supporting jury nullification as a structure does not mean that you support its use in every instane
Tollana: no joke they did it
Hyperion: wow so many people voted to watch 99 old ppl sign their names
Saturn: @OP, good point, but just because one is in favor of nullification does't mean they'd nullify in McConnell's fashion
Tethys: @saturn making it not a good point lol
Fox Hollow: Hey it's an important moment in history :(
Tollana: what are they going to do after this does anybody know
Pinwheel: @Tollana it was consistent until she gave McConnell a half-ass smile
OP: @Hyperion: tell me about it, it's the worst sitcom ever.
Europa: This is it
Messier 83: she kind of looks like she is going to cry now
Glyswen: but actually prof nesson you should watch mr robot you would LOVE it
Hyperion: like i said
Hyperion: 99 old ppl signing names
Hyperion: and we only on R
Polaris: yall, somebody's hand must have got the pen sweaty or something, she looks stressed now
Tethys: R is pretty far
Tethys: some old ass man prob winked at her lol
OP: "Oh, damn! I'll just sign anywhere, I can't see any goddamn thing anyway!"
Pinwheel: @OP How is Grassley the oldest serving member when he's the youngest guy n the room?
Vorash: not sure why it matters so much to people that they are old or white lol
Tethys: @vorash cmon man
Tethys: you don't understand why diversity matters to some people?
Mars: i also want to talk about the book law of the jungle and what nesson thinks of it, coming from a supposedly unbiased journalist. is he making things up? exaggerating? because he says some really damning things, for ex. about donziger bribing judges with sex from women
Pinwheel: @Vorash what bothers me about the age is what will happen with the institution in 5-10 years from now if they haven't gradually brought in young blood?
OP: @Mars: Wow, Donziger actually did that, right, at least according to US courts? He bribed judges in Ecuador ACCORDING TO what was found by US courts, right? That's BAD!
Pinwheel: While the papers were interesting, I don't think the topic is that controversial that it would elicit a major discussion that we haven't covered
Tethys: @OP according to the journalist that wrote the book, i think, not a court
New Ironworks: Anyone have thoughts on Jeffrey Epstein's death in light of this additional evidence?
Polaris: we really think we're going to make it 100 years in the future? #globalwarming
New Ironworks: Very happy that Fern is back! Was a bit distracted at the end due to the shelter in place notification, so I found it hard to concentrate.
Earth: congrats on surviving today yall
Earth: we made it
Darn Ruach: profound question here: Is Harvard law school a legitimate institution
Tethys: definitely enjoyed the end exercise, i think it is fun to do something more interactive than just discussing topics
Orilla: I'll always remember where I was when I watched 99 people sign a piece of paper and then nearly got shot by a guy brandishing his gun ~1 mile away
Tethys: #bringbackthesnacks tho
Fox Hollow: So hype to have Fern back. She is the glue that holds our class together
New Ironworks: Did Professor Butler also shelter in place?
Lothal: Welcome back, Fern! Really enjoyed having you in class today
Earth: thanks for coming back fern
Tethys: also i hope the person claiming a dog allergy had actual proof bc sweetpea was the highlight of my day
Polaris: Fern vastly improved the quality of the class today
Saturn: Loved the discussion of the JuryBot - thought provoking paper, which focused our small group, and made for an engaging full class debate. It was a great idea to line up four "yesses" and four "nos," have us discuss and then guess who was who.
Yavin 4: Thoroughly enjoyed the jurybot exercise today--refreshing take on discussion. A bit bummed we didn't get to the marijuana topic, but the jurybot exercise totally made up for it. I had the impression that the professor thought it up last minute, and if so, brilliantly done
Callisto: Sweetpea is missed.
Darn Ruach: professor Nesson -- the actual impeachment trial begins at 1 pm on Tuesday. We should watch in class
Orilla: Professor if we promise not to pee in your pool can you host another party like that for us
Pinwheel: Thank you Fern for returning!!
Earth: lets get back to more open class discussions
Earth: I would've liked to participate today but wasn't able to
Dione: Fern is the once and future queen we stan. grateful she's back on the throne. the end exercise was soooo fascinating; I feel like our votes about the jurors said just as much about us as it did the jurors.
Whirlpool: highlight of the class was watching two students bail as soon as the alert came thru lmao
Yavin 4: @Darn Ruach amen
Pinwheel: Also loved the interactive part of class, and I really appreciated how each of the group was able to effectively argue for and against bots while concealing their true positions!
Tethys: @new ironworks want to elaborate
Orilla: Also reminder: we all deserve H's, many of us couldn't participate today and if we're on another subject tomorrow that's harder for us to participate on, that shouldn't count against us
Milky Way: They know about a secret bunker... I would have liked an invite.
Dione: LOL @whirlpool. But who would wannna die in a WCC classroom tbh
Ross 248: very interesting discussion re: jury bots. I thought o ur meams of discussing it was fun! and yes to a pool party (this is Fern speaking)
Tethys: @orilla chill
Pinwheel: @Whirlpool it felt like they were in on the whole plot
Takodana: we had such a great class today/almost got killed can we not focus on grades
Polaris: i also want a pool party - Jason
Hyperion: Prof Nesson: thank you so much for providing insight into the black box that is grades @ HLS. Now, when are our fall grades coming out??
Tethys: literally so so happy fern is back
Vorash: pool party in january? u cray
Messier 83: the fit isn't emo @Hyperion
Tethys: hls consolidates grade release for some god forsaken reason
Saturn: I'd be interested to hear whether the person who "doesn't give a fuck" feels differently after today's class. I'd really curious to hear more about what this student does care about :)
Earth: im down for a pool party too so long as Nesson's house is nowhere near smith center
Whirlpool: they were like –
Kagen: I think having small group discussion before open discussion is proving to be a successful way of having effective discourse. It seems people are able to better to develop their opinions and understand where others are coming from before engaging a wider audience.
Tethys: so they come out first week of spring semester
Ariel: LOL literally they said "my crew, let's go"
Pinwheel: The two students that ran out should get H*s
Fox Hollow: Is Nesson doing the cam com post class drinks today like last thursday or nah?
Ross 248: re pool party: in warm weather. at least 10 blocks away from Smith Center. No guns or blenders please ; )
Milky Way: Hi erik @pinwheel
Neptune: Does anyone know what happened to our TAs?
Fox Hollow: Damn Fern we missed you
Triton: This is erik - I figured the shooter might check for people in classrooms
Foam: they're apparently not really TAs
Starkiller Base: can we please find a new way of forming small groups. this shifting thing is nonsense
Starkiller Base: maybe randomized
Foam: no lets keep the juries
Ross 248: yes: Sabelo went to a conference in Switzerlad; Victoria is taking a class at the Kennedy School this week; Siobhan has deadlines on her PhD. dissertation; Annabel needed to catch up on her work with Zittrain. We wanted them to help us get started with tech etc. but thought we could proceed without them this week. All will be back next week.
P3X-888: This is Kim, we were like
Triton: Question - did you guys discuss what the best deontological response to a shooter warning is after we left?
Ban Ard: wish we could plan drinks in advance! i want to come but usually make plans after class so would love some notice ahead of time so i can come!
Luyten 726-8B: From the housetops to the gutters From the ocean to the shore The warning signs have all been bright and garish Far too great in number to ignore From the cities to the swamplands From the highways to the hills Our love has never had a leg to stand on From the aspirins to the cross-tops to the Elevils But I will walk down to the end with you If you will come all the way down with me From the entrance to the exit Is longer than it looks from where we stand I want to say I'm sorry for stuff I haven't done yet Things will shortly get completely out of hand I can feel it in the rotten air tonight In the tips of my fingers In the skin on my face In the weak last gasp of the evening's dying light In the way those eyes I've always loved illuminate this place Like a trashcan fire in a prison cell Like the searchlights in the parking lots of hell I will walk down to the end with you If you will come all the way down with me