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OP: Figured I'd make this just in case anybody wanted to comment on today's session. While I found our class today engaging, I think it was a prime example of a class that could've used someone like Fern to curb the Donziger discussion when it ran for what seemed like more than one hour
OP: Also, I'm interested in the significance this equation has to Professor Nesson: e^{i\pi} = -1
Earth: Can we please discuss the legalisation of drugs in a future class? :)
Starkiller Base: Any pharmacy shows you drugs are already legalized. What do you think they sell at those counters in the back of CVS and Walgreens?
Titan: we should post more songs, poems, links to videos/pictures, I like an artistic tie to the class
Pinwheel: Also, what happened to the TAs - will they be gone without addressing why?
Starkiller Base: It was pretty strange that the TAs disappeared without a single explanation.
Glevitzingen: Can we talk about the democratic race? I loved the impeachement discusison.
Hoth: Don't waste your time: Trump will win.
Mercury: please bring the TAs and Fern back.
Mercury: and please restore the group discussion of the four corners.
Proteus: I agree with Mercury. I really liked talking about things in small groups. While the Danzinger discussion is interesting, it seems to veer from ideal discourse to listen to the Professor lecture about it for an hour.
Kamino: Fern will return !
Blackeye: The case for calling witnesses in the Senate’s impeachment trial of President Trump, and for subpoenaing documents that the White House has withheld from Congress, is now too compelling to deny. There is so much public support for hearing all the relevant evidence, and not just among Democrats, that it is becoming politically toxic for increasingly many senators to resist doing so. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s efforts to bury the truth and turn the trial into a whitewash with a quickly delivered foreordained conclusion have all but come to naught, thanks in large part to the patience and savvy of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wisely resisted the pressure to transmit the two articles of impeachment within days of the House vote impeaching Trump.
Centaurus A: @Kamino do you know that for a fact or are you hoping? I really hope she will!!