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Andromeda: I feel that Davidson is grandstanding and will very soon become a cog in the same machine she so loathes. Is there a crime that there is sunlight in the judge's chambers but not in the courtroom? If she doesn't like the justice system she is welcome to join the local branch of the ACLU. Yet, she chooses to exploit the terrible system for her added resume line.
Neptune: i dont like how some of y'all are using threads as an excuse to be disrespectful and use condescending tones when you would never choose to do so in person.
Neptune: This is Alexis Jones, btw. We can disagree respectfully. Have some class.
Hoth: yeesh andromeda, remember the earth discussion
Montsalvat: RT @Neptune
Hoth: i agree with neptune/alexis; pseudonymous spaces should be treated similarly to real life ones re: the level of respect uses
Hoth: or this is just going to turn into a troll fest
Crait: I do appreciate Davidson's sentiments in trying to effectuate change from within the system. The system itself has deep problems, but getting people within it to think differently and potentially act differently is also very valuable. If we would resort to simply criticizing the system and avoiding it, or relying on others to change it, then we should not be surprised that the system would not change.
Hyperion: Davidson's paper is interesting. I wonder how she will feel after 10 years in the system...
Procyon B: I think Davidson actually grapples with the question about whether to work within the system or against it very well. She acknowledges, as we did in our discussion, that quitting altogether (or as Andromeda suggests, working at the ACLU instead) isn't the solution, and instead, using her role as a clerk to incite change where she is able may in fact be a much more effective solution.
Novigrad: People should be free to express their true feelings towards the writing we are tasked with critiquing. For this reason, we should probably not be reading material that is written by our current classmates
Mercury: i think this entire conversation demonstrates our need to reframe how we think about crime in our society. we have a very punitive system and cultural tradition, and we tend to individualize and then demonize specific parties involved in a crime, from the victim, to the defendant, to the sentencing judge. If we view crime in this retributive, almost vengeance driven manner, all we do is end up filling prisons that do not address any of the societal ills that lead to the vast majority of criminal activity. What we are doing in this criminal justice system does not prevent crime or make society better. If we actually tried to address the social causes of criminal activity (lack of education, poverty, mental illness, etc.) maybe we can actually make a safer more progressive society we can all be happier in.
Abydos: @Novigrad I agree; in the future, perhaps it would be a good idea to edit out the names of the authors if they're people we might know personally?
Andromeda: @Abydos I agree with that very much and also did not intend my initial response to come across the way it did.
Mygeeto: "Conscience"... LMAO! She got her clerkship...
Barnards Star: It's actually encouraging that so many of you have such strong feelings towards these kinds of topics. Regardless of what side of the pendulum that you all are on. I say this because I absolutely do not give a fuck about any of this.
Barnards Star: And I say that with respect!
Titan: why don't you give a fuck?
Titan: what we are talking about involves the oppression of millions of people, primarily black and brown people
Barnards Star: Just feel like there are much bigger problems in the world and that I'd rather dedicate my time to those issues
Cantonica: hey im brown, this is cool
Barnards Star: Billions of people are suffering in China
Barnards Star: it's encouraging
Cantonica: honestly, we should all leave this stolen land
Barnards Star: that all of you care about this i mean that
Novigrad: if this land is stolen, which land isn't, and where can we go?
Andromeda: @Barnard Star if we would all be this chilled I think the world would actually be a better place
Andromeda: The anti-America sentiment that has become so common from within is frightening
Hyperion: @ Andromeda: Anti-America sentiment? Please explain...
Barnards Star: I feel like we place America's issues at the top of our priority list, which to some of you might be justified. I couldn't give a fuck about trying to fix America even if I tried (which is why I'm encouraged so many of you care so much). If you step outside of America you get to see how fucked the world really is. Sometimes I wish HLS students would think about how they want to fix the world and not just America
Hyperion: @Barnards Star Many of us have stepped outside America and indeed have seen how fucked up the world outside America is. It is our love for America and the fact that we fear that America would "devolve" towards the conditions of the "World outside America" that fuels our criticisms...
Earth: @Hyperion By anti-America sentiment, I mean the advocacy by many for abolishment of incarceration and also saying we should all leave this "stolen" land