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Mars: A friend of mine has recently taken an interest in how others who are not as well-versed in a particular field use even more obscure concepts to explain how the same concepts are actually used.
OP: What makes this work is the way that even the most obscure of terms are often presented as if they are commonplace.
Mars: I'm not so sure. If someone says something like , "It is the case that a non -negot iable condition is a necessary and sufficient condition for all other conditions", then that seems to be saying something about what is required for any other concept.
Wolf 359: If the concept is required, what else could we be excluding from the fields?
Eadu: I think it has to be required for any field to have even the faintest connection with the real world. I really think that a better way to use this concept is with an example of something that 's not even a real condition.
OP: Yeah, that could work. Maybe just make it more specific and concrete, but for now we can just embrace the obscurity.